managerial 17

  1. Sequential processing
    a method of process manufacturing in which units pass from one process to another in a sequential pattern and each unit is processed using the same series of steps
  2. Define process.
    A series of operations performed on the product, such as mixing, molding, or packaging
  3. Parallel processing
    requires 2 or more sequential processes to produce a finished good.
  4. Calculate cost flows without WIP
    Add the DM +DL + Applied OH plus the cost transferred in.
  5. Calculate Equivalent Units of Production: No Beginning WIP
    Units completed + (Units in progress x __%)
  6. Calculate cost per equivalent unit
    Manufacturing costs for the period/ Equivalent units
  7. Cost of goods transferred out
    unit cost x number of units in progress
  8. cost of EWIP
    Unit cost x ( Units in progress x __% complete)
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