Organic Chemistry Chapter 5

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  1. Chiral object
    Any object with a non-superimposable (not able to overlap) mirror image
  2. Enantiomers
    molecules that are non-superimposable, mirror images
  3. Stereogenic center
    Any carbon with 4 different groups attached
  4. Assigning R/S
    • 1. Determine 4 priorities
    •      - higher atomic number = higher priority
    •      - count multiple bonds as extra single bonds
    • 2. Orient molecule with lowest priority group facing away
    • 3. clockwise rotation = R
    •     counter-clockwise rotation = S
  5. What is the maximum number of stereoisomers possible with n number of stereogenic centers?
  6. What is a diastereomer?
    stereomers that are not mirror images of one another
  7. meso compound
    • a compound with 2+ stereogenic centers that is achiral
    • internal plane of symmetry
  8. How do the chemical properties of enantiomers differe?
    Same chemical properties except for their reaction with chiral, non-racemic reagents.
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