Success Ch.8

  1. Annotated Bibliography
    Includes all the sources you consulted as well as an explanation or critique of each source.
  2. Internet Search Strategy
    A practical, step-by-step method that helps you locate accurate, reliable online sources.
  3. Thesis Statement
    A statement that is the central core of your paper around which arguments will be based.
  4. Bibliography
    Includes all the sources you consulted, whether or not they were cited on the paper.
  5. Periodicals
    Magazines, journals, newspapers, and online publications that are published on a regular basis throughout the year.
  6. Reference List
    Also called the List of Works Cited, includes only the sources you actually cited in your paper.
  7. Plagiarism
    The act of using someone else's exact words, figures, unique approach, or apecific reasoning without giving appropriate credit.
  8. Prewriting Strategies
    Techniques for generating ideas about a topic and finding out how much you already before you start researching and writing.
  9. Audience
    The readers of your work for whom your purpose and content must be clear.
  10. Journal
    Periodicals that are intented for readers with in-depht knowledge.
  11. Keyword Search
    Natural-language words and phrases that are used to search a computer data bank in order to track down specific information.
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