peds 2.21.18a

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  1. you got a child that has asthma sx less than twice a week. that category is?
    mild intermittent.
  2. you got a child that has sx more than twice a week, but not daily. that asthma category is?
    mild persistent.
  3. you got a child that has sx daily plus exacerbations twice a week. it belongs in the ____ _____ category.
    moderate persistent.
  4. you got a child that has sx continually, frequent exacerbations that limit the child's physical activity and QOL. that belongs in what asthma category?
    severe persistent.
  5. you would expect the child with asthma to have _____cardia.
  6. what is forced vital capacity?
    vol. of air exhaled from full inhalation to full exhalation.
  7. what is forced expiratory volume?
    they inhale once and blow as hard as they can for 1 second.
  8. what is peak expiratory rate?
    maximum airflow blowed in 1 second.
  9. you're checking ABGs and you see a pt with a PaO2 of 78mm Hg. what is the cutoff for hypoxemia?
    80mm Hg.
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