DC3RD Formulas

  1. Total Force?
    • Total Force = Pressure x Area
    • TF =P x A
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  2. Work?
    • Work = Force x Distance
    • W=FxD
  3. Power?
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  4. One Mechanical HP ?
    1 Mechanical HP = 33,000 ft-lb of work/min

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  5. Latent Heat?
    Heat added to a substance that changes its state without a change in temperature. hidden heat
  6. Latent heat of fusion?
    The heat required to change the state of one pound of a substance from a solid to a liquid at a constant temperature
  7. Sensible Heat?
    Heat that changes the temperature of a substance but not its state
  8. Latent Heat of Evaporation
    • The heat necessary to change 1LB of a substance from a liquid to a gas at a constant ┬átemperature.
    • 1lb of water at 212F converted to 1lb of steam at 212F takes 970.3 Btu
  9. Specific Heat?
    The amount of heat required to raise the temp of 1lb of a substance 1deg F
  10. Quantity of Heat?
    • Quantity of heat = weight of a substance x latent heat
    • Q=W x Lh
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