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  1. Long Bone
    Long, longitudinal axis, expanded ends (ie forearm. thigh)
  2. Short Bone
    Cube like, lengths and widths roughly equal (i.e. wrist & ankle)
  3. Flat Bone
    Plate like with broad surfaces (i.e. ribs, scapula & some skull bones)
  4. Irregual bones
    variety of shapes, usually connected to other bones (i.e. vertebrae, many facial bones)
  5. Round/Sesamoid bones
    smaller and nodular, embedded with in tendons, adjacent to joints (i.e patella)
  6. Epiphysis
    Part of long bone - expanded portion of at each end, articulates with another bone
  7. Articular Cartilage/hyaline cartilage
    • coats the articular surface of epiphysis
    • (like ice on the end of the bones)
  8. Diaphysis
    Shaft of bone, between epiphyses
  9. Periosteum
    tough, fibrous vascular covering which is continuous with tendons, and ligaments, also functions in formation and repair of bone tissue
  10. Compact Bone
    tightly packed tissue, no gaps
  11. Spongy bone
    consists of numerous branching, bony plates called trabeculae
  12. Medullary cavity
    hollow chamber with the dyaphysis of long bones (holds marrow)
  13. Processes
    bony projections (attachment sites)
  14. Osteo
    bone (prefix)
  15. Cyte
    • mature cell (suffix)
    • -Osteocytes are mature bone cells located in the lacunae
  16. Blasts
    • Build (suffix)
    • -Osteoblasts- cell that forms bone
  17. Clasts
    • Collapse (suffix)
    • -Osteoclaststs -cell that erode bone
  18. Bone tissue contains:
    • Collagen for strenght and resillience (soft tissue)
    • Inorganic salts- calcium & phosphorus (hard/solid tissue)
  19. 3 functions of bones
    • 1. Support & protection: (give shape-head, limbs; support body wt- lower limbs, vertebrae, pelvis; skull bones protect brain
    • 2. Body movement: (bones & muscles interact during movement, bones act as levers)
    • 3. Blood cell formation (Hematopoesis): takes place in bone marrow; also found in irregular spaces of spongy bones; Red marrow-forms RBC, WBC, Platelets; Yellow marrow-stores fat, NO hematopoesis in Yellow
  20. What are Function of Red vs Yellow Marrow
    • Red- forms RBC, WBC, platelets
    • Yellow- stores fat
  21. What is stored in Bone tissue?
    Calcium & phosphorus = calcium phosphate
  22. How many bones in human skeleton?
  23. What are the 2 major divisions of the skeleton?
    Axial skeleton--head, neck, & trunk

    Appendicular skeleton- upper & lower limbs, bones that anchor limbs to axial skeleton
  24. Parts of Axial skeleton
    Skull: cranium & facial bones

    Vertebral Column: vertebrae separated by vertebral discs, sacrum, coccyx

    Thoracic Cage: 12 pair ribs, sternum,
  25. 4 Parts of Appendicular skeleton
    • Pectoral girdle
    • Upper limbs
    • Pelvic girdle
    • Lower limbs
  26. Parts of Pectoral girdle
    • scapula
    • clavicle
  27. Parts of Upper limbs
    • Humerus
    • Radius (thumb side)
    • Ulna (pinky side)
    • Carpals (8- wrists)
    • Metacarpals
    • Phylanges
  28. Parts of Pelvic Girdle
    • Coxal bones (hip)
    • Pelvis
  29. Parts of Lower Limbs
    • Femur
    • Tibia (inner-shin bone)
    • Fibula (outer side, smaller bone)
    • Patella
    • Tarsals (heel)
    • Metatarsals
    • Phylanges
  30. Condyle
    Rounded process that usually articulates with another bone
  31. Crest
    a narrow ridge like projection
  32. Epicondyle
    a projection situated above a condyle
  33. Facet
    (FUH-set) a small nearly flat surface
  34. Fissure
    a cleft or groove
  35. Fontanel
    soft spot in skull where membrane covers the spaces b/t the bones
  36. Foramen
    an oppening through a bone that usually serves as passageway for blood vessels, nerves, or ligaments
  37. Fossa
    large pit or depression (ie scapula)
  38. Fovea
    smaller pit or depression ie top of femur
  39. Head (bone)
    an enlargement on the end of a bone, usually part of the articulates
  40. Linea
    (line) a narrow ridge on a bone or connective tissue
  41. Meatus
    a tube-like passage way w/in a bone (ie ear hole)
  42. Process
    a prominent projection on a bone
  43. Ramus
    branch or similar extenion off of main bone (ie pelvis, mandible)
  44. Sinus
    a cavity w/in a bone
  45. Spine (on a bone)
    a thorn-like projection (ie top of scapula, iliac crest)
  46. Suture
    an interlocking line of union b/t bones (cranium)
  47. Trochanter
    a large process (top of femur)
  48. Tubercle
    a small, knob-like process (ie humerus)
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