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  1. Monroe Doctrine
    towards Europe, stay out of America Hemisphere, ideological spread
  2. Roosevelt Corollary
    right to intervene in Latin America
  3. Marshall Plan
    • Rebuild Europe
    • Establish trade partners
  4. Truman Doctrine
    aid to e. Europe for countries undergoing communist civil war, was well as others
  5. NSC 68
    1950 – doctrine of containment: protection of Europe, offense, militaristic, influenced Truman Doctrine, collapse of SU, new world order based on capitalism, peace time military spending
  6. • Clinton doctrine
    globalization, cut spending, economics
  7. • Bush Doctrine
    Bush Doctrine – preventative attacks on state sponsors
  8. • Rational actor model
    • Rational actor model: set of assumptions about human decision making, barraging, preference, set-order/ rank-order, alternative, ==>rational action
  9. cognitive psychological approach
    • o Cognitive short cuts: stereotypes, consistency –
    • analogies ==>need to simplify
    • • Belief systems: allies like us, enemy opp
    • • Selective perception
  10. • State department culture
    • State department – diplomacy, international, love to travel, language, open mined
  11. FBI culture
    police, after the fact
  12. CIA culture
    preventive, intelligence
  13. DOD culture
    Big, military solution
  14. NSC culture
    white house council, coordinate, inform & advise
  15. o prerogative pwrs of the president
    • • propose laws to congress
    • • head of government / head of executive roles interchangeable
  16. • Gulf of Tonkin
    blank check nam
  17. Boland amendment
    a congressional ban on US finacial aid “ for the purpose of overthrowing the Government of Nicaragua”
  18. Karl Rove
    • o not much influence on decision making but was driving force on spinning the Iraq war to people
    • o Close relations to bush family, especially GW
    • o Senior adviser of GW 2000-2007, deputy chief of staff 2004-2007o Influence
    • • Bush referred to him as architect
    • • Led secretive white house Iraq group, which set strategy for selling Iraq war to the public
    • • Tension between rove and powell
    • • Trying to sell to people: we don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud
    • o Controversy: put terrorism and war to work in electoral context: instead of uniting parties he used it to wedge parties apart
  19. Daniel Ellsberg
    • pentagon papers
    • - Worked for macnamara at pentagon, analyst
    • - Pentagon papers release
    • o Top secret study of classified documents, dissonance with which decisions made at highest levels of government regarding Vietnam war
    • o Ellesberg privy to most information at pentagon, maybe because of personal views he didn’t like 2 faced statements of lbj
    • o June 21st, 1971, ellesburg hands over copies to NY times
    • o Gulf of Tonkin incident august 1964, light naval skirmish in gulf, 2 days later recue boats came to rescue sailors and salvage and Johnson used occasion to say it was major north Vietnamese attack, lbj asked for resolution from congress which was permission to escalate war to higher level of activity
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