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  1. "Black Belt Attitude"
  2. "Goals"
    "To want something and be willing to work hard for it"
  3. "Courtsey"
    "Behaving in a way that shows good manners and behavior"
  4. "Loayalty"
    "Being faithfull to your family
  5. "10 Elements of Memoriztion Attribute #2"
    "Students learn in their own particular ways:
  6. Hearing
  7. "Hearing"
    "Listening to you explain how to perform the techniques"
  8. "Seeing"
    "Watching the techniques being performed by someone else."
  9. "Feeling"
    "actually performing the techniques for themselves."
  10. "Visualizing"
    "Imagining they are performing the techniques in their mind."
  11. "Repetition"
    "Perfoming the technique many times to remember it."
  12. "Practial Application"
    "Understanding the technique or exercise relates to a particular event such as self-defense"
  13. "3rd Person Teaching"
    "Demonstrating or explaining a technique to fellow students to better understand the technique."
  14. "Logical "
    "Placing the techniques in a structured and logical order."
  15. "Fun events"
    "Students remember things when they are fun!"
  16. "Group Activities"
    "Group events and contests promote competition and interest which encourages participation."
  17. "3 Elements of Eye Contact/Focus Attribute #3"
    "Developing focus through proper target training.
  18. Directional
    Target Training
  19. "Directional"
    "Element of Eye Contact/ Focus
  20. Focusing on the target ( left
  21. "Target Training"
    "Element of Eye Contact/ Focus
  22. Starting with a large target and continually making the target smaller."
  23. "Penetration"
    "Element of Eye Contact/ Focus
  24. Targeting to strike beyond the actual target."
  25. "8 Elements of Proper Technique Attribute #4"
    "Mastering the proper technique is essential!
  26. Beginning Position
  27. Ending Position
  28. Direction
  29. Rotation
  30. Stance
  31. Joint Setup
  32. Body Position
  33. Pivot"
  34. "Beginning Position"
    "Element of Proper Technique
  35. Preparing or chambering the technique correctly."
  36. "Ending Postion"
    "Element of Proper Technique
  37. Ending or re-chambering the technique correctly."
  38. "Direction "
    "Element of Proper Technique
  39. Making sure the body
    hands and feet all move in the correct direction in performing a technique."
  40. "Rotation"
    "Element of Proper Technique
  41. Making sue the body
    hands and feet rotate correctly in performing a technique."
  42. "Stance"
    "Element of Proper Technique
  43. Ability to perform proper stances on distance
    width and weight distribution."
  44. "Joint Setup"
    "Element of Proper Technique
  45. Elbow
  46. "Body position"
    "Element of Proper Technique
  47. Making sure the body is positioned correctly to perform the technique correctly."
  48. "Pivot"
    "Element of Proper Technique
  49. Pivoting completely to give solid sole and better balance."
  50. "White Belt Definition"
    "Pure and without knowledge of Songahm Taekwondo.
  51. As with the Pine tree
    the seed must now be planted and nourished to develop strong roots."
  52. "White belt # of moves"
  53. "White Belt Basics & Kicks"
    "High block
  54. Front punch
    reverse punch
  55. Ready stance
    front stance
  56. Front kicks #1-4
    Side kics #2-4
  57. Songahm Spirt of Taekwondo"
  58. "Orange Belt
  59. definition"
    "The sun is beginning to rise.
  60. As with the morning's dawn
    only the beauty of the sunrise is seen rather than the immense power."
  61. "Orange belt # of moves"
  62. "Orange Belt Basics"
    "Outer Forearm Block
  63. Back Fist Strike
  64. Back Stance
  65. Round Kicks #1-4"
  66. "Yellow Belt Definition"
    "The seed is beginning to see the sunlight."
  67. "Yellow Belt # of moves"
  68. "Yellow Belt Basics & Kicks"
    "Double Knifehand Block
  69. Vertical Spearhand strike
  70. Cresent Kicks #1-4
    Jump Front Kicks #1-4"
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