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  1. Predetermined OH rate
    Estimated Annual OH/ Estimated Annual Activity level
  2. Applied OH
    Predetermined OH rate x Actual Activity usage
  3. OH variance
    Applied OH- Actual OH
  4. Adjusted COGS
    Unadjusted COGS +- OH variance
  5. Departmental OH rate
    Estimated Departmental OH/ Estimated Department Activity level
  6. Total Product Cost
    Total DM + Total DL + Applied OH
  7. Unit Product Cost
    Total product cost / # of units
  8. Job order costing system
    used by firms producing unique products or services
  9. Process Costing system
    used by firms producing very similar products or services
  10. plantwide overhead rate
    a single OH rate calculated by using all estimated OH for a factory divided by the estimated activity level across the entire factory
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