Ketorolac Tromethamine (Toradol IM)

  1. Trade Name
    Toradol IM
  2. Class
    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) analgesic.
  3. Mechanism of action
    NSAID that also exhibits peripherally acting nonnarcotic analgesic activity by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis.
  4. Indications
    Short-term management of moderate to severe pain.
  5. Contraindications
    Allergy to salicylates or other NSAIDs; patients with history of asthma; bleeding disorders, especially gastrointestinal (GI) related (peptic ulcer disease); renal failure.
  6. Adverse reactions
    Anaphylaxis due to hypersensitivity, nausea, GI bleeding, sedation, hypotension or hypertension, rash, headache, edema.
  7. Drug Interactions
    May increase bleeding time in patients taking anticoagulants.
  8. How supplied
    15 or 30 mg in 1-mL or 60 mg in 2-mL vials.
  9. Dosage and Administration
    • Adult: 30-60 mg IM.
    • Pediatric: Not recommended
  10. Duration of Action
    • Onset: 10 minutes.
    • Peak Effect: 1-2 hours.
    • Duration: 2-6 hours.
  11. Special considerations
    Pregnancy safety: Category C. Use with caution in elderly patient. May be given IV in lower dosage (15-30mg).
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Ketorolac Tromethamine (Toradol IM)