ochem ch 6 alkyl halides part 4

  1. what are the three classes of halides?
    alkyl, vinyl, and aryl
  2. what is an alkyl
    a molecule in which the halogen, X, is directly bonded to the sp3 carbon

    • ex.
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  3. what is a vinyl
    X is bonded to sp2 carbon of alkene

    • ex. 
    • Image Upload 2
  4. what is an aryl
    X is bonded to sp2 carbon on a benzene ring 

    • ex. 
    • Image Upload 3
  5. Carbon-halogen bond is ____ so the carbon has a partial ___ _____
    carbon-halogen bond is polar , so carbon has partial positive charge
  6. Is the following alkyl halide a methyl halide, primary, secondary, or tertiary?
    Image Upload 4
  7. what is a geminal dihalide
    two halogen atoms are bonded to the same carbon

    • ex.
    • Image Upload 5
  8. what is a vicinal dihalide?
    two halogen atoms are bonded to adjacent carbons

    • ex.
    • Image Upload 6
  9. How does one name an alkyl halide using IUPAC?
    choose the longest carbon chain, even if the halogen is not bonded to any of those C's and proceed with IUPAC naming as you normally would
  10. Name the folowing alkyl halide

    Image Upload 7
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ochem ch 6 alkyl halides part 4
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