10/22 notes for lifespan

  1. gradual transition from adolescence to adulthood
    emerging childhood
  2. years of emerging childhood
  3. the official entry into adulthood is delayed because ____ expects adults more skilled and ____ then before
    society; educated
  4. 5 characteristics of emerging adulthood
    • 1- time of exploration and experimentation
    • 2-time of instability
    • 3-self focused
    • 4- feeling in between 
    • 5- age of possibilities
  5. experimenting with identity, love, work
    time of exploration
  6. changes that go on in lives. residential moves are higher now then any other time. love changes, work changes, changes in education
    time of instability
  7. no dependence on anyone else or others depending on ones self
    self focused
  8. in between moves, degrees, relationships
    feeling in between
  9. most people in the US dont see selves as full fledged ____ until their late 20's or early 30's
  10. the us determinate of being an adult
    permanent full time job with economic independence
  11. in most cultures, ____ is the determinate of being an adult
  12. long term repeated uncontrolled compulsive and excessive use of alcohol that impairs ones health and relationships
  13. interferes with work, school, and relationships
    -fulfillment in obligations
    -physical hazardous 
    -causes social and possibly legal problems
    alcohol abuse
  14. tolerance
    withdrawls (physical and psychological)
    give up other things in order to drink
    time is spent obtaining, using, or recovering
    alcohol dependence
  15. abuse usually comes before ____
  16. _____ students, drink more then young adults that didnt attend ___
  17. people that dont go to college tend to ____ more then drink
  18. ____ and divorced adults drink more then ____ people
    single; married
  19. one out of every ___ people who drink will become an alcoholic
  20. in men, consuming 5 drinks or more in a row for a night. amount for women?
    bringe drinking. 4 drinks
  21. binge drinking is more common among college ___ than ___
    men than women
  22. binge drinking is more likely in college students that live ____ from home
  23. 125% increase in binging in ____ over the past 10-15 years
  24. ___ to ___ of alcoholics have a ____ predisposition
    50-60; genetic
  25. 1/3 rule for alcoholics
    if alcoholics dont become sober by age 65, 1/3 of them will be dead. 1/3 of them will be fighting addiction. 1/3 of them will be abstinent.
  26. predictors for recovery of alcoholism
    • 1- strong negative experience related to drinking
    • 2-finding a substitute dependency to compete with alcohol
    • 3- new social supports
    • 4-joining an inspirational group
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