1. To what extend does altitude influence climate?
    The  higher we go, the colder it gets. Areas that are located at a high altitude have a cold climate.
  2. How does distance of a place from the sea effect its climate?
    Places close to the sea have a moderate type of climate as compared to those located in the interior even if they lie in the same latitude. This is because water heats and cools comparitively slower than land
  3. Why are some areas very humid?
    Humidity is the presence of moisture in the air.Thus the degree of humidity of a place is related to its distance from the sea.Winds blowing over the sea collect moisture and make the climate in the costal areas very humid.
  4. What are the different factors influencing climate?
    The different factors influencing climate are:

    • 1.Latitudes
    • 2.Altitude
    • 3.Ocean currents
    • 4.Wind patterns
    • 5.Presence of mountains,oceans and deserts.
  5. Name the three heat zones of the earth.
    The three heat zones of the earth are:

    • 1.Torrid zone¬†
    • 2.Temperate zone
    • 3.Frigid zone
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