midterm review 3

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  1. 3 planes of the body
    • Midsagittal (median)
    • Coronal (frontal)
    • Transverse (superior and inferior)
  2. Anatomical division of the midsagittal
    right and left halves
  3. anatomical division of the coronal
    anterior (ventral) and posterior (dorsal) aspects
  4. anatomical division of the transverse
    superior (upper) and inferior (lower) aspects
  5. 2 main cavities
    • Dorsal (posterior)
    • ventral (anterior)
  6. Dorsal includes
    cranial and spinal cavities
  7. ventral includes
    thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities
  8. RUQ
    Right upper quadrant
  9. LUQ
    left upper quadrant
  10. RLQ
    Right lower quadrant
  11. LLQ
    left lower quadrant
  12. Left Hypochondriac
    upper left region beneath the ribs
  13. epigastric
    Region above the stomach
  14. Right hypochondriac
    upper right region beneath the ribs
  15. Left Lumbar
    left middle lateral region
  16. umbilical
    region of the naval
  17. right lumbar
    right middle lateral region
  18. left inguinal
    left lower lateral region
  19. hypogastric
    lower middle region beneath the naval
  20. right inguinal
    right lower lateral region
  21. 4 major tissues in body
    • epithelial
    • connective
    • muscle
    • nervous
  22. Anatomical position
    body posture used to locate anatomical parts in relation to each other
  23. Midsagittal
    median (halves)
  24. coronal
    frontal (front and back)
  25. transverse
    horizontal (upper and lower)
  26. 2 major organs in the dorsal cavities
    • cranial
    • spinal
  27. 2 major organs in the ventral cavities
    • thoracic (heart, lungs, and associated structures)
    • abdominopelvic (digestive, excretory, and reproductive organs and structures)
  28. Abduction
    moving away from the midsoggital plane of body (ie: fingers apart, arm up)
  29. Adduction
    movement toward midsoggital plane of body (ie: fingers together, arm down)
  30. Medial
    pertaining to the midline of the body
  31. lateral
    pertaining to a side
  32. superior
    toward head or upper portion of structure
  33. inferior
    away from head, toward tail or lower part of structure
  34. proximal
    nearer to the center
  35. distal
    further from center
  36. anterior (ventral)
    front of body
  37. posterior (dorsal)
    Back of body
  38. parietal
    pertaining to outer wall of body cavity
  39. visceral
    pertaining to viscera, internal organs, abdominal organs
  40. prone
    lying on abdomen, face down
  41. supine
    lying horizontally, face up
  42. inversion
    turning inward, inside out
  43. eversion
    turning outward
  44. palmar
    palm of hand
  45. plantar
    sole of foot
  46. superficial
    toward surface of body
  47. deep
    away from surface of body
  48. ankl/o
    stiffness, bent, crooked
  49. arthr/o
  50. kyph/o
  51. lamin/o
    lamina (part of vertebrae arch)
  52. lord/o
    curve, swayback
  53. myel/o
    bone marrow, spinal cord
  54. orth/o
  55. oste/o
  56. ped/o
    foot; child
  57. ped/I
    food; child
  58. scoli/o
    crooked, bent
  59. thorac/o
  60. acromi/o
  61. brachi/o
  62. calcane/o
    calcaneum (heel bone)
  63. cephal/o
  64. cervic/o
  65. clavicul/o
    clavicle (collar bone)
  66. cost/o
  67. crani/o
    cranium (skull)
  68. dactyl/o
    fingers; toes
  69. femor/o
    femur (thigh bone)
  70. fibul/o
    fibula (smaller bone of lower leg)
  71. humer/o
    humerus (upper arm bone)
  72. ili/o
    ilium (lateral part of the hip bone)
  73. ischi/o
    ischium (lower part of hip bone)
  74. lumb/o
    loins (lower back)
  75. metacarp/o
    metacarpus (hand bones)
  76. metatars/o
    metatarsus (foot bones)
  77. patell/o
    patella (knee cap)
  78. pelv/I
  79. phalang/o
    phalanges (finger and toe bones)
  80. pod/o
  81. pub/o
    pelvis bone (anterior)
  82. radi/o
    radiation, x-ray, radius (lower arm bone on thumb side)
  83. spondyl/o
    vertebrae (back bone)
  84. vertebr/o
    vertebrae (back bone)
  85. stern/o
    sternum (breastbone)
  86. tibi/o
    tibia (larger bone of lower leg)
  87. leiomy/o
    smooth muscle (visceral)
  88. muscul/o
  89. my/o
  90. rhabd/o
    rod shaped (striated)
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