Italian Terms

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  1. Grave
    Very slowly and solemnly
  2. Largo
    Very slowly
  3. Lento
  4. Adagio
    Very slowly
  5. Larghetto
    Not so slowly as largo
  6. Andante
    Rather slowly and gently
  7. Andantino
    Not so slowly as adante
  8. Moderato
    At a moderate pace
  9. Allegretto
    Not too fast
  10. Allegro
    Merrily, quickly
  11. Tempo commodo
    At a convenient pace
  12. Tempo ordinario
    In ordinary time
  13. Con moto
    With motion, quickly
  14. Vivace
    With life, swiftly
  15. Presto
    Very fast
  16. Prestissimo
    As fast as possible
  17. Accelerando
    Gradually increasing the speed
  18. Affrettando
    Increasing the speed suddenly
  19. Ad libitum or lib
    At the performer's liberty
  20. A piacere
    At the performer's liberty
  21. A tempo, tempo primo, or ima
    Return to original pace
  22. Calendo
    Decreasing in time and tone gradually
  23. Rallentando, or rall
    Gradually slower
  24. Ritarando, or rit
    Gradually slower
  25. Ritenuto, or riten
    Suddenly slower
  26. Slentando
    Gradually slower
  27. Stringendo
    Increasing the pace suddenly
  28. L'istesso tempo
    In the same time
  29. Tempo rubato
    In robbed time
  30. Pianissimo or pp
    Very softly
  31. Piano or p
  32. Mezzo-piano or mp
    Moderately softly
  33. Mezzo-forte or mf
    Moderately loudly
  34. Forte or f
  35. Fortissimo or ff
    Very loudly
  36. Forte-piano or fp
    Loudly, then softly immediately
  37. Crescendo or cresc
    Gradually louder
  38. Decrescendo, decresc., diminuendo, or dim
    Gradually softer
  39. Morendo, smorzando, or perdendosi
    Dying away in time and tone
  40. Dolce
  41. Dolcissimo
    Very softly and sweetly
  42. Sforzando, sforzato, forzato, or sf
    Strongly accented
  43. Allargando
    Gradually broadening out in style
  44. Alla marcia
    In the style of a march
  45. Alla polacca
    In the style of a polonaise
  46. Alla tedesca
    In the German style
  47. Alla breve, or a cappella
    In church style
  48. Affetuoso
  49. Agiato
    In an agitated manner
  50. Amabile
    Amiably, or agreeably
  51. Appassionata
  52. A poco a poco
    Little by little
  53. Amoroso, or con amore
  54. Arioso
    In a gracious or vocal style
  55. Assai
  56. Attaca
    Go on immediately--no pause
  57. Ben marcato
    Well marked
  58. Brillante
  59. Cantabile
    In a singing style
  60. Col or colla
    With the
  61. Col arco
    With the bow (Stringed instrument)
  62. Colla voce
    Following the voice part
  63. Con anima or animato
    With animaton
  64. Con brio
    With vigor or brightness
  65. Con expressione
    With expression
  66. Con forza
    With force
  67. Con gusto
    With taste
  68. Con moto or con spirito
    With spirit
  69. Con tenerezza
    With tenderness
  70. Con passione
    With passion
  71. Con sordino
    With the mute
  72. Deciso
    With precision
  73. Dal segno (D.S.)
    Repeat from the sign
  74. Da capo (D.C.)
    Repeat from the beginning
  75. Dolce
  76. Dolcissimo
    As sweetly as possible
  77. Dolente, doloroso, or con dolore
    With grief
  78. E or ed
  79. Energico
    With energy or force
  80. E poi
    And then
  81. Espressivo
    With expression
  82. Fieramente
    With energy or fire
  83. Forza
  84. Fuoco
  85. Furioso
    With fury
  86. Giocoso
  87. Giusto or tempo giusto
    In exact time
  88. Grandioso
  89. Grazioso
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