Geology Exam 1

  1. What are BODY WAVES?
    • They travel through the interior body of the earth.
    •  *Primary Wave
    •  *Secondary Wave
    • In an earthquake, if feels like a sharp jolt.
  2. What are Surface Waves?
    • They ONLY TRAVEL through Earth's surface.
    • In an earthquake, if feels like a rolling motion.
  3. What are the 2 types of Seismic Waves?
    • Body Waves
    • Surface Waves
  4. What is a Geothermal Gradient?
    Temperature changes with depth within the crust.
  5. What are XENOLITHS(foreign rocks)?
    Pieces of Earth's mantle which have been ripped up and brought to surface in volcanic eruptions.
  6. What is responsible for the generation of Earth's Magnetic Field?
    Earth's Outer Core
  7. What is & where is the Lithosphere?
    • Image Upload 1
    • It is above the asthenosphere & consists of both solid mantle & the crust.

  8. What & where is the Asthenosphere?
    • Image Upload 2
    • The "plastic zone" within the mantle.
    • Ex. Silly Putty
    • Has properties of both solid & liquid.
    • Located in the upper mantle.
  9. What is the CORE made of?
    It is made of Iron with lesser Nickel & Sulfur.
  10. Is the Inner Core solid or liquid?
    How about the Outer Core?
    Inner Core: Solid

    Outer Core: Liquid
  11. What is the MANTLE?
    • Made of PERIDOTITE
    • SOLID
    • Very dense
  12. What is the OCEANIC CRUST?
    • Made of basalt
    • High density
    • Thin: 5-10km
  13. What is the CONTINENTAL CRUST?
    • Made of GRANITE
    • Low in density
    • Thick: 35-75km
  14. What caused ACCRETION to occur?
    • The formation of stars.
    • Solar wind blows lighter gases to outer reaches of the solar system.
  15. What is ACCRETION?
    • The process in which planets begin to form.
    • There is growth by gravitational attraction.
    • Ex. Craters: formed from the collision of asteroids with the planet.
  16. What is the T-Tauri Phase?
    • It is the stage of evolution when stars are first "born".
    • Stars are characterized by INTENSE solar winds of RADIATION.
  17. What happens as the NEBULA begins to spin?
    • The spinning Nebula flattens into a disc.
    • Due to gravity, the material is drawn to the center.
    • *Helium & Hydrogen makeup the majority of the material.
  18. What are the NEBULAE(plural for Nebula)?
    "Clouds" of metallic dust & gases that are the remnants of exploding stars.
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