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  1. Found relief
    A term applied to artwork that has incorporated the natural surface of a rock or stone in the creation of an image. For example, a rock's rounded curves may suggest the torso of a body. Examples of the found relief technique are the Venus of Willendorf and the Lascaux cave paintings.
  2. Megalith
    A large stone used in the construction of sacred monuments, such as Stonehenge. Such monuments are referred to as megalithic.
  3. Sympathetic magic
    Refers to a belief in the magical power of images. An example of sympathetic magic is the presumed function of the Lascaux cave paintings. It is believed that hunters threw spears and weapons at the image of bison in order to have success in their hunt of the animal.
  4. Twisted perspective
    The term used to describe a figure that is represented in both frontal and profile views. For example, on the Palette of Narmer, King Narmer's torso is shown from the front, while his lower body is shown in profile.
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