Kinesiology Chapter 15

  1. Facet joint are also known as
    Zygapophyseal joint
  2. What's the purpose of the cervical transverse foramen
    Vertebral arteries pass through here
  3. C7 is also known as what landmark
    Vertebral prominens
  4. Please list the layers of the intervertebral discs
    • Annulus fibrous
    • Nucleus pulposus
  5. Normal AROM for cervical spine
    • Flx 40
    • Ext 50
    • Rot 70-90 about 45 at C2
  6. This joint attaches to occiput and C1
    Atlantoocciptal joint
  7. This joint attaches C1-2
    Atlantoaxial joint
  8. What ligament holds the dens in place
    Transverse ligament
  9. What are true ribs? False? Floating?
    • True 1-7
    • False 8-10
    • Floating 11-12
  10. Normal AROM for lumbar spine
    • Flx 40-60
    • Ext 20-35
    • SB 15-20
    • Rot. 3-18
  11. Normal AROM for thoracic spine
    • Flx 20-45
    • Ext 25-45
    • SB 20-40
    • Rot. 35-50
  12. Where is the location of the anterior longitudinal ligament and what does it prevent
    • Anterior portion of vertebrae body
    • Hyper extension
  13. Where is the location go the posterior longitudinal ligament and what does it prevent
    • Posterior portion of vertebral bodies
    • Prevents excessive flexion
  14. Where is the location of the supra spinal ligaments and what does it limit
    • C7-sacrum spinous process
    • Limits flexion
  15. Where is the location of the nuchal ligament and what does it limit
    • Limits flexion
    • Extension of supraspinal ligament
    • Posterior cervical region
  16. What is the action of SCM
    • Flexion
    • Rotation
    • SB
  17. What is the action of the scalenes
    CS SB
  18. Base of the skull is also known as
  19. What is the action of the suboccipital
    CS extension and rotation
  20. What is the action of splenius capitis and cervics
    Cervical Spine extension
  21. What is the action of the external oblique
    • Trunk flex
    • Uni Side Bend and rotation on opposite side
  22. What is the action of the internal oblique
    • Trunk flex
    • Uni Side Bend and rotation same side
  23. What is the action of the transverse abdominis
    Compression of the abdomen
  24. What is the action of rectus abdominis
    Trunk flexion
  25. What does the linea alba connect to
    Rectus abdominis
  26. What are the paraspinals and there action as a whole
    • Extension
    • Spinalis
    • Longissimus
    • Iliocostalis
  27. What muscles make up the transverse spinal group? General location? Action?
    • Rotators
    • Multifidi
    • Semispinalis

    Extend, rotate and provide intersegmental stabilization

    SP to TP
  28. Quadratus lumborum OIA
    • Iliac crest to 12th rib and L2-L5
    • SB and hip hiking
  29. Where is the most common site of arthritis in the cervical spine
  30. Most common site of injury to the lumbar spine
  31. What is a herniated disc
    displacement of disc material of less than 50% of circumference of disc
  32. What is spondylosis
    • DJD of the spine or arthritis b/w anterior bodies
    • Degeneration of intervertebral discs
  33. What's another name for pedicle
    Pars interarticularis
  34. What is spondylolysis? What type of movement is painful with this pathology?
    Fracture of the pars interarticularis (pedicle)

    Pain with extension
  35. What is spondylolisthesis? What other pathology is it in conjunction with? And what movement is painful?
    • Anterior slippage of vertebrae
    • Must have (B) spondylolysis
  36. What is anterolisthesis?
    Anterior vertebrae slippage w/o fracture
  37. What is stenosis? What pain is usually associated with this pathology?
    • Spinal canal narrowing
    • Pain with extension
  38. Facet joint arthritis pathology can exacerbate pain with what movement
  39. What is ankylosing spondylitis?
    Fusion of vertebrae from progressive inflammation
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