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  1. What was the adult height and CVD risk study?
    • Asia Pacific Cohort studies collaboration - 44 countries, Asia and Australasia
    • 510800 Participants
    • mean age 48
  2. What did the Asia Pacific Cohort Studies collaboration show?
    Linear 5-10% reduction in CVD risk for each 6 cm increase in height
  3. What is the birth cohort?
    Group of people born during particular period or year
  4. What is the Barker Hypothesis?
    Adverse environments in fetal life and early childhood establish increased risk of disease in adult life
  5. Characteristics of the ProChildren Study
    • Observational
    • 13,305 children
    • 8-13y
    • 9 European countries
  6. 3 Factors the ProChildren Project investigated
    • Motivation
    • Ability
    • Opportunity
  7. What were the ProChildren results?
    • 43% children ate fruit everyday
    • 46.1% at veges every day
    • girls more likely for both, also had higher preferences for F+V, nutrition knowledge, self efficacy
  8. Key results from ProChildren re fruit
    • If like fruit almost 2 x as likely to eat it
    • If brought FV to school, 3 x more likely
  9. Key results from ProChildren re veges
    Smaller significance but same factors as for fruit
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