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  1. Classical Hollywood Cinema (CHC) define itself as the
    “excessively obvious cinema”
  2. CHC possess a style that is largely ______ and difficult for _____
    • Invisible
    • the average spectator to see
  3. Why is CHC invisible
    Proficiency in narrative
  4. CHC is designed to apprear to the audueince that it has no
  5. Goal of CHC is to
    deliver powerful stories and absorb audience into the fictional world
  6. 2 Elements of CHC
    • Narrative process
    • Character and goals
  7. CHC's general plot structure
    • 1.) psychologically define individual who struggle with a problem
    • 2.)person is reliable/ in right state of mind
    • 3.)Character enters conflict
    • 4.)Story ends with defeat,resolution, clear achievement or non achievement
  8. CHC plot consists
    1.) an undisturbed stage , disturbance, struggle, elimination of disturbance.
  9. CHC take place in _________
    Linear time and space
  10. How is time configured in CHC
    Through time and effect
  11. What is compositional necessity and example from notourtious
    everything is necessary and serves a spefic function (when alshia drinks out of the coffe cup)
  12. Space is configures by two motivation
    Realism and compositiona nescessity
  13. Strucutre of CHC two plot lines involving
    • 1.) hetersexual romance
    • 2.)evil thing the people are fighting
  14. CHC is more focused on the _____ not the ____
    story not the style
  15. Notorious movie is a ___ cloacked into a
    romance cloacked into a spy movie
  16. Narritvie films are directed toward_____ will documentarty films are difected towards_____
    • fiction
    • non-fiction
  17. What different allegiances do narrative and documentary hold?
    Narrivie film is to dramtic story telling while documentary is to recording reality
  18. What reasons characterize why documentaries are never objectively true?
    • -All doc. employ storytelling
    • -all dos employ subjective cinematic language
    • -no one acts same on film
  19. What are the four basic approaches to documentary? Examples?
    • 1.) Factual
    • 2.) Instructional
    • 3.) pervasive
    • 4.) Propaganda
    • superstar was mix
  20. Direct cinema versus Traditional documentary?
    Direct cinema someone is shapeing the storying through editing and shots
  21. Why is experimental cinema difficult to define?
    -pushes the limit of what people think movies should be
  22. What are the six characteristics of experimental film?
    • 1.) non commerical
    • 2.) personal
    • 3,) o not conform to story
    • 4.)Explot possiblitesod cinema
    • 5.) Crtiques culture
    • 6.) invites indivual interpreatation
  23. What kind of documentary appoch does catfish utlizes and what style
    Factual - direct cinema
  24. What type of film of super start
    -expermintal, persudive, narritive though
  25. What are the origins for art cinema?
    from early art films; and silent cinama; appeared after WWII
  26. How does it emerge in the US?
    shortage of films
  27. CHC
    narrative motivations,
    cause and effect,
    time and space,
    viewer expectations,
    and resolution
    • cinematic representation 
    • logic
    • defined goal
    • linear time and space
    • approximates reality
    • closed ending
  28. Art Cinemanarrative
    cause and effect,
    time and space,
    viewer expectations, and
    • ojective/subjective realism
    • lose cause and effect
    • lack desired goals
    • voliated time and space
    • -viewer might lose this
    • -ending is open
  29. Experimental
    cause and effect,
     time and space,
    viewer expectations,
    and resolution
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