Campaigns Test 2

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  1. Image Upload 1
    • Managing BE takes
    • -Brand loyalty
    • -Brand Awareness
    • -perceived quality 
    • -brand associations
    • -other propriety brand assets (comparitive advantages)
  2. 3 types of IMC
    • Sales Promotion
    • Public Relations

    direct marketing
  3. Trade Sells Promotion Objectives (3)
    • Obtain distribution and support for new products
    • Maintain support for established products

    • Prioritize in store support for key brands
    • -display support
    • -shelf position
    • -advertising
  4. Tactics for Trade Sells Promotion (distributor/in store)
    • Trade allowances
    • dealer contests
    • slotting fees
    • point of purchase 
    • co op
    • trade shows
  5. What are the objectives of consumer sales promotion? (3) (get you to try and buy)
    • Induce Trial
    • Customer Loyalty

    action oriented campaign synergy
  6. Consumer Sales tactics
    • sampling 
    • refunds
    • bonus packs
    • couponing
    • premiums
    • contests and sweepstakes
    • price off deals
    • event sponsorship
  7. CURVES IMC Lecture
    • Event sponsorship: hot air balloon tour
    • Media exposure
    • Drew big crowds

    • Sweepstakes: Ladies home journal
    • "Friends for fitness" membership win

    Marketing PR: Had doctors try and reccomend Curves to treat illness/ for better health to patients
  8. Types of PR
    Press Relations: Media spots in magazines, news etc

    Community relations

    Investor relations :Stock/number reports

    Crisis Response

    Strategic marketing/PR: Magazine "get healthy or else"
  9. Means of Direct Marketing (enablers and channels)
    • Credit Cards
    • techno/internet

    toll free numbers


    • mailing list/mailers
    • TV
    • Catalogs
    • Print

  10. what is a brand?
    • promise
    • big idea
    • expectation
    • the meaning/feeling/emotion behind the product or service

    loyalty, trust and preference comes with strong brand
  11. what brand is NOT RESPONSIBLE for:
    • making the phone ring/bringing sales
    • close deals
    • explain product offerings
    • sales to someone who doesnt usually buy the product
  12. Brand loyalty continum aka how peeps become brand loyal
    • brand awareness 
    • brand acceptance
    • brand preference
    • brand insistence

    Assholes always pick ixpensive
  13. 7 different types of creative approaches
    • USP
    • generic/category sale

    preemtive claim

    product positioning

    resonance approach: deep emotion/traditional or family values. campbells soup

    affective strategy: cultural, personality match. CHIPS and dinner for two

    brand image
  14. what is a creative brief
    synthesize all data into an actionable format to inspire creative development
  15. 3 critical elements of creative strategy
    strategic focal point: what prob are you trying to solve? whats the opportunity?

    positioning statement: how you want the consumer to feel about the brand

    • unifying big idea:
    • vehicle or device thats creates a unifying bond that is continuous. Met life snoopy or afflack duck
  16. Types of Digital Advertising

    Search Engine Marketing

    Search Enging Optimization 



  17. how to target display ads



  18. What is SEM (search engine marketing)
    • form of intenet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages by mean of
    • SEO
    • paid placement(not effective)
    • contextual advertising (smu/baby stuff on my fb) and
    • paid inclusion
  19. what is SEO ( seach engine optimization)
    :optimizing: website pages to achieve higher ranking in search results via the process of selecting specific keyword expressions associated to the website
  20. paid inclusions (SEM)
    sponsored listings in the tan box in google.
  21. creative continuity and consistency (physical)
    • slogans
    • taglines
    • colors
    • graphical elements
    • spokerperson/things/personas
  22. Creative continuity and consistency (psychological)
    • theme
    • image
    • tonality
    • attitude
  23. what is BE
    set of brand assets that adds to brand value
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