ch 4 music

  1. the way of organizing the singing in church in which a leader sings a line and then repeats it with the congregation
    lining out
  2. verses
  3. an early part of the worship service consisting of old time congregational hymn singing, scripture reading, an a chanted prayer offered by a deacon while the rest hum and moan a wordless hymn in the background
    deacons devotional
  4. sung by soloists and the high spirited youth choir, accompanied by piano and organ
    gospel songs
  5. song workers sing to help them carry on. it takes their minds off the tiring and monotonous work
    work song
  6. created at the moment of performance, as well as changes in timbre, show the high value of innovation, creativity, and play
  7. sung and passed along without writing or musical notation
    oral literature
  8. in the 60's there was a
    blues revival
  9. fits four short bursts into the first 4 measures
    quatrain refrain stanza
  10. guitar playing based on short, repeated melodic phrases
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