Quiz 2

  1. What is the worlds largest mammal
    The blue whale
  2. What date did the attacks on the Twin Towers take place
    September 11th 2001 at 8:46am
  3. Who plays Mrs Weasley in Harry Potter
    Julie Walters
  4. Who wrote the Peter Rabbit Books
    Beatrix Potter
  5. How many members were originally in the group Spice Girls
    Victoria Beckham (née Adams), Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, and Geri Halliwell
  6. What is your birth sign If you were born November 25th
  7. If you are celebrating your 'Ruby Anniversary', how many years have you been married
    40 years
  8. What year was the Lockerbie disaster
    Pan Am Flight 103 went down on the 21st of December in 1988. A bomb destroyed the Boeing 747 above the city of Lockerbie in Scotland. The 243 passengers, 16 crew members and 11 inhabitants of Lockerbie died this day
  9. How many wives can a muslim have under islamic law
    Muslims can have up to four wives at a time under Sharia law
  10. In what year was Nelson Mandela released from prison
    He was released from Victor Verster Prison on 11 February 1990
  11. Who discovered penicillin
    The discovery of penicillin is attributed to Alexander Fleming, a Scottish scientist.
  12. If you are celebrating your Silver Anniversary, how many years have you been married
    25 years
  13. How many is a bakers dozen
  14. What is the Currency in India
  15. What are the Primary Colours
    red, blue and yellow
  16. What was Uri Geller famous for
    Bending spoons
  17. What year did the National Lottery start in Britain
  18. What is the fear of spiders called
  19. If you were born on Dec 6th What star sign are you
  20. What was the name of the first cloned sheep
  21. What animal is the symbol of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
    The giant panda
  22. What was the date a man first walked on the moon
    On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon. He was shortly followed by his fellow astronaut, Edwin Aldrin
  23. How many zeros are there in a billion
    There are 9 zeros in a billion
  24. What was the maiden name of princess Diana
  25. What colour are the 5 Olympic Rings
    The five colors of the rings blue, black and red (top) and yellow and green (bottom) were chosen since one of these colors can be found in the flag of each competing nation
  26. Which is the largest wild cat
    Siberian Tigers are the largest cats, with males weighing upwards of 700 pounds and perhaps as much as 850 pounds
  27. Which Tube line goes to Heathrow Airport
    Piccadilly Line
  28. Which city is The Big Apple
    New York
  29. What did the crocodile swallow in Peter Pan
    Alarm Clock
  30. What is Rum made from
    Sugar Cane
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