Spanish II Vocab #1

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  1. acaba de
    acababa de
    acabo de
    • just
    • use to just
    • had just
  2. acompana
    • accompanies
    • used to accompany
    • accompanied
  3. aprende a manejar
    aprendia manejar
    aprendio a manejar
    • learns to drive
    • used to learn to drive
    • learned to drive
  4. dia tras dia pensaba en
    dia tras dia penso en
    dia tras dia piensa en
    • day after day h/s used to think about
    • day after day h/s thought about
    • day after day h/s thinks about
  5. esta roto
    estaba roto
    estuvo roto
    • it is broken
    • it used to be broken
    • it was broken
  6. esta tan alegre
    estaba tan alegre
    estuvo tan alegre
    • he/she is so happy
    • used to be so happy
    • was so happy
  7. la mala noticia
    the bad news
  8. le dolia
    le dolio
    le duele
    • it used to hurt him/her
    • it hurt him/her
    • it hurts him/her
  9. le falta
    le faltaba
    le falto
    • he/she lacks
    • he/she used to lack
    • he/she lacked
  10. le pone un yeso
    le ponia un yeso
    le puso un yeso
    • h/s put a cast on him/her
    • used to put a cast on him/her
    • put a cast on him/her (past tense)
  11. le presta su coche
    le prestaba su coche
    le presto su coche
    • he/she lends his/her car
    • used to lend his/her car
    • lent his/her car
  12. le sale bien
    le salia
    le salio bien
    • it turns out well for him/her
    • it used to turn out well for him/her
    • it turned out well for him/her
  13. lo mas pronto posible
  14. no lo(la) deja
    no lo(la) dejaba
    no lo(la) dejo
    • he/she does not let him/her
    • he/she didn't used to let him/her
    • he/she didn't let him/her
  15. queria salir
    quiere salir
    quiso salir
    • used to want to go out
    • wants to go out
    • wanted to go out
  16. se (le) acercaba
    se (le) acerco
    se (le) acerca
    • he/she used to approach him/her
    • he/she approached him/her
    • he/she approaches him/her
  17. se cae
    se caia
    se cayo
    • she/he falls; fell; used to fall
    • he/she used to fall
    • he/she fell
  18. se lastima
    se lastimaba
    se lastimo
    • he/she hurts him/herself
    • used to hurt himself
    • hurt himself
  19. se pone triste
    se ponia triste
    se puso triste
    • gets sad
    • used to get sad
    • got sad
  20. se queja
    se quejaba
    se quejo
    • complains
    • used to complain
    • complained
  21. se rompe
    se rompia
    se rompio
    • it brakes
    • used to brake
    • broke
  22. se tropezaba
    se tropezo
    se tropieza
    • used to trip
    • tripped
    • trips
  23. se volvia loco
    se volvio loco
    se vuelve loco
    • used to go crazy
    • went crazy
    • goes crazy
  24. trata de impresionar
    trataba de impresionar
    trato de impresionar
    • tries to impress
    • used to try to impress
    • tried to impress
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