1. Exhume
    Link word: Tomb

    To dig up from a grave, or tomb
  2. Fickle
    Link word: Pickle

  3. Entice
    Link word: Mice

    To lure. to attract
  4. Gamin
    Link word: Jammin

    A orphaned boy, or lost boy
  5. Segragate
    Link word: Separate Gate

    To divide, separate
  6. Atrophy
    Link word: A Trophy

    To wither away
  7. Myriad
    Link word: Mirrors Add

    A large number, amount of something
  8. Embellish
    Link word: Belly

    To beautify with gems or stones
  9. Ubiquitous
    Link word: As Big As Us

    Seeming to be everywhere at the same time.
  10. Oblique
    Link word: Freak

    Not at a strait angle
  11. Melancholy
    Link word: Melon

    To be sad, depressed
  12. Idiosyncrasy
    Link word: Sink Crazy

    A behavioral quirk
  13. Euphononious
    Link word: You Phone Us

    Pleasing to the ear
  14. Harrowing
    Link word: Hare Rowing

    Extremely frightening
  15. Scapegoat
    Link word: Goat

    Using someone to take the blame
  16. Cerebral
    Link word: Cereal

    Of or pertaining to the mind
  17. Chronic
    Link word: Ron's Hic

    Reoccurring, something that won't go away
  18. Laconic
    Link word: Tonic

  19. Certify
    Link word: Hurt A Fly

    To verify or to assure
  20. Aftermath
    Link word: After Math

    The occurrence that happens after an event
  21. Precarious
    Link word: Carry Us

    Unstable, unsafe
  22. Incongruous
    Link word: In Congress

    Not fitting in
  23. Beget
    Link Word: Forget

    To give birth to
  24. Cajole
    Link Word: Parole

    To pursued
  25. Congenial
    Link Word: Jeans

  26. Pique
    Link Word: Peek

    To annoy
  27. Duress
    Link Word: Confess

    To be restrained
  28. Elfin
    Link Word: Elephant

    Small and sprightly
  29. Citadel
    Link Word: Sit Well

    A fortress overlooking a village
  30. Cower
    Link Word: Cow

    To cringe in fear
  31. Assuage
    Link Word: Massage

    To relieve
  32. Missanthropy
    Link Word: Miss Anthropy

    Someone who hates mankind
  33. Tyro
    Link Word: Tie Rope

    A novice
  34. Debase
    Link Word: The Base

    To reduce in quality
  35. Incite
    Link Word: Fight

    To arouse to action
  36. Volition
    Link Word: Gone Fishin'

    To do something with your free will
  37. Guise
    Link Word: Disguise

  38. Archaic
    Link Word: Cake

    Old, ancient
  39. Stupefy
    Link Word: Super Fly

    To numb in amazement
  40. Fathom
    Link Word: Fat Thumb

    Believe, Understand
  41. Emulate
    Link Word: Imitate

    To attempt to equal or surpass
  42. Paranoia
    Link Word: Destroy Ya'

    A medical condition of anxiety
  43. Partition
    Link Word: Magician

    To separate and create multiple parts
  44. Photogenic
    Link Word: Photo Genie

    To be beautiful especially pertaining to taking pictures
  45. Enotomology
    Link Word: Ant Apology

    Study of insects
  46. Beset
    Link Word: Bees

    To harass
  47. Fetish
    Link Word: British

    An obsession
  48. Lieu
    Link Word: Brew

    In place of
  49. Dearth
    Link Word: Earth

  50. Criterion
    Link Word: Librarian

    A Basis for judgement
  51. Lassitude
    Link Word: Lazy Dude

  52. Yore
    Link Word: Floor

    In the ancient times, back in the days
  53. Elapsed
    Link Word: Collapsed

    To pass
  54. Altercaiton
    Link Word: Alter

    A heated quarrel
  55. Intervene
    Link Word: Between

    To come in between something
  56. Orthodox
    Link Word: Throw Rocks

    To follow rules, by the guidelines
  57. Permeate
    Link Word: Worm He Ate

  58. Sonorous
    Link Word: Snorers

    A deep resonating noise
  59. Loiter
    Link Word: Lawyer

    To hang in an area without purpose
  60. Resurgent
    Link Word: Sergeant

    To return after defeat
  61. Cranny
    Link Word: Granny

    A tiny area in a wall or whole
  62. Erudite
    Link Word: Airtight

  63. Gazebo
    Link Word: Zebra

    An open structure with a roof and open sides
  64. Curtail
    Link Word: Cat Tail

    To lessen by cutting away
  65. Laudable
    Link Word: Applaudable

    Worthy or deserving of praise
  66. Joust
    Link Word: Mouse

    To engage in combat
  67. Propulsive
    Link Word: Propeller

    A propelling force
  68. Unbridled
    Link Word: Bride

  69. Egalitarian
    Link Word: The Gal Im Marryin'

    A person who is for equal rights of the human race
  70. Glutton
    Link Word: Gut Ton

    One who eats or consumes a great deal
  71. Doldrums
    Link Word: Doll Drums

    To be in a depressed state
  72. Disparage
    Link Word: Carriage

    To put down
  73. Gloat
    Link Word : Goat

    To Brag Greatly
  74. Proficient
    Link Word : Pro Fisherman

  75. Menagerie
    Link Word : Lingerie

    A collection of wild animals
  76. Insouciant
    Link Word : South Sea Ant

    Calm and Care Free
  77. Bereave
    Link Word : Leave

    Suffering the death of a loved one
  78. Entreat
    Link Word : Treat

    To ask earnestly, plead, beg
  79. Mode
    Link Word : Toad

    A way of doing something
  80. Expunge
    Link Word : Sponge

    To remove, delete, erase
  81. Rudimentary
    Link Word : Rude Elementary

    Basic, Crude
  82. Mores
    Link Word : More As

    Moral attitude, customary cultural standards
  83. Dispell
    Link Word : Spell

    To drive away
  84. Domain
    Link Word : Plain

    A territory over which one rules
  85. Dilemma
    Link Word : Limb

    A difficult situation
  86. Impede
    Link Word : Speed

    To obstruct, interfere, delay
  87. Ostracize
    Link Word : Ostrich

    To exclude from a group
  88. Deft
    Link Word : Deaf

    Skillful, Clever
  89. Countenance
    Link Word : Count the Nuts

    Facial Expression
  90. Dauntless
    Link Word : Hauntless

  91. Noxious
    Link Word : Knock Us

    Harmful to living things
  92. Nepotism
    Link Word : Nephewism

    Favoritism based on kinship
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