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  1. Kwarshiokoff’s Syndrome
    • Most severe, rare in US
    • Low protein
    • Bloated stomach (inflammation) – can cause death; not growing
  2. Marasmus
    • In US
    • Little protein; Not growing
    • Causes
    • -Cognitive issues
    • ------Learning disabilities
    • ------Low IQ
    • - Anxiety/ stress disorders
    • ------(damage to amygdala) similar to people with PTSD
    • ------Lack of coping
    • -Short stature
    • -Obesity
    • ------Damaged to eating center of brain- (never feel full)
  3. Non organic Failure to thrive
    • -No medical or biological reason
    • -Have nutritious food but the body isn’t using it
    • ------Not intestinal problem or gastric
    • -Bc of caregiver- Post- Partum Depression; Under a lot of stress
    • -Depression in infant
    • ------Stop eating/ growing
    • ------Neglected or abused
    • -Treatment for mom, not baby
    • -If continue to 18months then can get marasmus
    • ------If turn it around then baby okay
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