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  1. anterograde amnesia vs retrograde
    anterograde amnesia cant remember after and retro grade amnesia cant remember before brain incident
  2. iconic vs echoic memory
    short tem sensory memory
  3. explicit vs. implicit
    implicit is everyday tasks. explicit is more detaled. how vs 5 w's
  4. semantic and episodic explicit memory
    semantic is the general info and episodic is personal
  5. procedural and priming for implicit memory
    increase memory
  6. encoding
    taking outside stimuli and transforming it into memorable space
  7. divided attention
    putting ur attention towards multiple things. multitasking
  8. imagery, selective attention and elaborative work
    ways of encoding
  9. chunking and rehearsal
    rehearsal is repetitive thoughts and chunking is grouping items together. 7 things into 3 things
  10. how cerebellum, amygdala, and hippocampus deal with memory
    • cerebellum motor functions
    • amygdala emotions
    • hippocampus long term memory
  11. flashbulb memory
    remembering a tragic event, and be able to picture it
  12. repressed memory
    blocking out bad memories
  13. proactive and retroactive interference
    before and after distractions that fails to retrieve info
  14. retrieval cues
    hints to help save info. associating new info with the old
  15. 3 bias
    • egocentric- better than everyone
    • consistency- hindsight or same beliefs known
    • change= forgetting before
  16. blocking
    tip of toungue. blocked retreaval cues
  17. divided attention or your own prospective memory
    absent minded
  18. misattribution
    associating false things with your actual memory. from a bad source,
  19. long lasting change in behavior
  20. habituation
    growing used to. diminishing response to a stimuli
  21. acquisition
    bringing together the conditioned stimulus with the old unconditioned stimuli
  22. biological preparedness
    preparing for illness or knowing bad food
  23. law of effect
    liking something will increase behavior and disliking something will decrease behavior
  24. thorndike puzzle box
    cats getting out of a box with food
  25. primary vs secondary reinforcer
    primary is genetically needed drives such as sex water food. secondary is learned through other stimuli such as treats to do things
  26. fixed ratio
    a punch card reward system
  27. fixed interval
    getting paid so bi weekly
  28. variable interval
    checking email or checking the mail or
  29. variable ratio
  30. latent learning
    cats learning but being stubborn till rewarded
  31. cognitive map
    general idea of where to go
  32. tolmans rat experiment
    latent learning with cheese rewarded and cognitive based map to find cheese
  33. ratio iq
    age is correlated and devided by mental age
  34. deviation
    normal bell curve
  35. spearmans g and s
    general knowledge is better testing rather than specifically testing one thing
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