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  1. To hold up or keep from falling.

    The iron beams will support the structure while it is being built.
  2. A tough, elastic, waterproof substance.

    Rubber is a material that doesn't pop easily, that is why car tires are made out of it.
  3. Change from solid or gas into a liquid.

    The ice cube will dissolve into water as it melts.
  4. The dark image or figure cast by something blocking the light.

    The mans shadow is larger than the woman's because he is taller than she is!
  5. An increase or improvement.

    Every teacher wants their students to show a gain on their test scores.
  6. Distance of an object, animal or person from the floor to the other end.

    The height of the dinosaur is much more than a person.
  7. The amount of matter in an object or substance.

    The balance scale is uneven, so you can infer that the white substance has more mass than the yellow substance.
  8. An element that has a shiny surface, can be melted, conducts heat or electricity and can be hammered into thin sheets or drawn out into wires.

    The necklace was made of a metal called gold.
  9. Where or how something is located.

    The light switch was in the "ON" position.
  10. To become weak as from lack heat or water. To lose strength or begin to die.

    The plant wilted because I forgot to water it yesterday.
  11. When the results from repeated trials are the same.

    The scientist concluded that the experiment was reliable because every time the plant was given water and sunlight it lived.
  12. Using a symbol, sight or expression to stand for something else.

    Three arrows in a triangle pattern represents recycling.
    Representation or Represents
  13. To keep apart or divide into individual parts.

    It is necessary to shake Italian Salad Dressing before using it because the vinegar and oil separate in the bottle.
  14. Being the cause of an action

    The sun was responsible for the ice cream melting.
  15. Draw towards oneself by physical force.

    The magnet will attract metal items like nails.
  16. Something being tested or examined.

    To get results it is necessary to conduct at least three trials.
  17. The look or feel of something's surface.

    The texture of the concrete was very rough.
  18. Not alike or similar

    The salt is different color than the pepper.
  19. To take something from a wild state and bring it under control.

    The lion was tamed by the zookeeper but she was still very careful around him.
  20. in agreement with or in relation to

    According to the cake recipe, it makes enough to feed fifteen people.
  21. without errors or mistakes

    His aim was very accurate when he played darts.
  22. the space between two objects

    There is a very long distance between the front of the bus and the back of the bus.
  23. to lower or go down

    When you don't study, your test scores will decrease.
  24. to move along smoothly

    The flow of the water kept the fish moving quickly down the river.
  25. the very same

    James and Joseph are identical twins.
  26. any one of the parts of a mixture

    The are many ingredients to buy when you make cookies.
  27. joining, combining or blending things together

    A scientist may use many different mixes when testing his hypothesis.
  28. the Science or study of a proper, balanced diet to promote health

    Fruits and vegetables help provide nutrition that your body needs.
  29. anything that can be touched or seen

    Motorcycles, cars and bicycles are all objects that have tires.
  30. the oldest one in the family

    That dog has eight puppies, so the mom is the parent.
  31. a material that can be shaped or molded when soft

    The cup didn't break when I dropped it because it is made out of plastic.
  32. something that limits (decreases) the amount you are allowed to do

    The mode of the solar system has limitations, it cannot show the size of the planets or distances between them.
  33. a power, talent or skill

    You have the ability to do well on the STAAR test if you work hard in class.
  34. to continue to live or remain active, endure

    Animals use adaptation to help them survive.
  35. to soak up

    The sponge absorbed the water that I spilled on the counter.
  36. to happen or take place once a week

    Homework is assigned weekly in class.
  37. to leak or flow out from a container

    Water vapor will escape from the tea pot when the water boils.
  38. unexpectedly without cause or reason

    When the dog ran into the street, the car accientally hit the tree.
  39. a size or amount that is very great

    An ocean is vast in size.
  40. measures how long something is from end to end

    The length of a table is approximately 2 meters.
  41. the number, quantity or sum

    After the holiday break most people get a large amount of bills to pay!
  42. a light shine from a heated source

    The glow from the sun was glorious.
  43. a sloping passage to enable something to move easily across different height levels

    The ramp leading from the parking lot allowed the wheelchair easier access to the store.
  44. to move along when there is no power

    It is not easy to coast on a flat surface.
  45. characteristics that allow to be more aware of your surroundings

    I have a very good sense of hearing and can hear students whisper.
  46. a particular method of doing something, involving a number of steps

    Ther is a process to use when putting together a difficult puzzle - start with the edge pieces first.
  47. used to take pictures

    That camera had a telephoto lens in order for that picture to look so close-up.
  48. the outcome of a problem, process or action that comes about as a consequence

    The results of the experiment proved that my hypothesis was not correct.
  49. the upper most layer or outer part of a thing

    Wind blows over the surface of the water to form waves.
  50. a form of life such as an animal, plant, fungus, protis or moneran

    The ocean organism that whales consume are called plankton.
  51. a feature or quality that all members of a group have

    The characteristics of a sea-star are five legs and spiny skin.
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