Tx Guardianship (Carlos)

  1. Guardianship
    • 1. Dfn: In Tx. the dfn of a guardian includes the guardian of the ESTATE (property) and the guardian of the PERSON (well being);
    • --for an incapacitaed individual know as the WARD.
  2. Guardian of the Person
    • Has a DUTY of care and contorl, and protection of the WARD (W)
    • Guardian (G) of the person has right to physical possession of W and right to establish W's domicile.
  3. Guardian of the Estate
    • G or estate is entitled to posses and manage W's property; to enforce all obligation in favor of W;
    • --and to brind or defend suits by or agaist W.
  4. G's standard of Duty & Powers
    1. G subject to Prudent Person Standard; a duty to care of/manage W's este as prudent person would manage his own property.

    2. G's Power subject to strict court supervision.
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Tx Guardianship (Carlos)
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