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  1. eligibility
    you are qualified and suitable to do something with it
  2. dean
    • 1 (in the Anglican Church)a priest of high rank who is in charge of the other priests in a cathedral
    • 2 a person in a university who is in charge of a department of studiesthe dean of the Faculty of Medicine
  3. amid
    in the middle of or during something, especially something that causes excitement or fear
  4. to wail
    to make a long loud high cry because you are sad or in pain
  5. to mingle
    to mix
  6. to tow
    to pull a car or boat behind another vehicle, using a rope or chain
  7. in spite of
  8. artifice (n)
    the clever use of tricks to cheat somebody
  9. intelligibility
    that can be easily understood
  10. bifurcation
    division into two separate parts
  11. to deteriorate
    to become worse
  12. fussy
    • (prep.: about)
    • 1. too concerned or worried about details
    • 2. doing something with small, quick, nervous movements
    • 3. having too much detail or decoration
  13. stout
    • (n) Starkbier
    • (adj) korrpulent
  14. conceit (n)
    • 1. too much pride in yourself and what you do
    • 2. an artistic effort that tries to be very clever but does not succeed
    • 3. a clever expression in writing or speech that involves a comparison between two things (singing wind --> romantic conceit)
  15. to boast
    to talk with too much pride about something that you have or can do
  16. assent (v/n)
    official agreement to or approval of something
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