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  1. present active
    he eats a giant giant

    active endings

    ex. portem, moveam, mittam, iaciam, audiam

    3rd io 2nd person plural = iacatis (i is replaced)
  2. present passive
    he eats a giant giant

    passive endings

    ex. porter, movear, mittar, iaciar, audiar
  3. imperfect active
    present active infinitive + active endings

    ex. portarem, moverem, mitterem, iacerem, audirem
  4. imperfect passive
    present active infinitive + passive endings

    ex. portarer, moverer, mitterer, iacerer, audirer
  5. perfect active
    3rd principle part, replace the "i" with "eri" then add active endings.

    ex. portaverim, moverim, miserim, iecerim, audiverim
  6. perfect passive
    4th principle part + present subjunctive of "esse"

    ex. portatus sim, motus sim, portatus sis ect.
  7. esse (present subjunctive)
    • sim
    • sis
    • sit
    • simus
    • sitis
    • sint
  8. esse (imperfect subjunctive)
    • essem
    • esses
    • esses
    • essemus
    • essetis
    • essent
  9. pluperfect active
    perfect active infinitive + active endings

    ex. portavissem, movissem, ect.
  10. pluperfect passive
    4th principle part + imperfect subjunctive of "esse"

    ex. portatus essem
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