1. Vacuole
    • A water-filled sac inside a cell that acts as a storage area. 
    • animal and plant
  2. Ribosome
    • A tiny structure in the cytoplasm of a cell where proteins are made.
    • animal and plant
  3. Prokaryote
    A unicellular organism that lacks a nucleus and membrane bound organelles
  4. Cell Wall
    • Strong outermost layer around the cell membrane of ONLY plants and some bacteria.
    • plant
    • cellulost made of
  5. Chlorophyll
    green pigment in the ch that absorbs light energy used to carry out photosynthesis.
  6. Lysosome
    • A cell organelle that contains digestive enzymes.
    • animal
  7. Microfilament
    • Solid rod of protein, thinner than a microtubule, that enables a cell to move or change shape.
    • plant
  8. golgi
    • sends molecules to be fixed or checked packages it  by the eurokaryotic cell
    • animal and plant
  9. Microtubule
    • Thin, hollow cylinders made of protein that provide structural support for eukaryotic cells.
    • animal and plant
  10. organelle
    Membrane bound structure inside a cell that performs a specific function.
  11. nucleus
    • The organelle that contains the DNA and controls the processes of the cell.
    • animal and plant
  12. Chloroplast
    • organelle found in some plant cells and certain unicellular organisms where photosynthesis takes place.
    • plant
  13. Endoplasmic reticulum
    • a cell structure that forms a maze of passageways in which proteins and other materials are carried from one part of the cell to another.
    • animal and plant
  14. Nucleolus
    • structure inside the nucleus, where ribosomes are made.
    • animal and plant
  15. Eukaryote
    A cell that contains a nucleus and membrane bound organelles.
  16. Cell Membrane
    • a thin, phospholipid bilayer, membrane around the cytoplasm of a cell that regulates what enters and exits the cell.
    • plant and animal
  17. smooth er
    • makes lipids no ribosomes
    • animal and plant
    • has lipids and carbs
  18. cytoplasm
    • fluid of the cell
    • animal and plant
  19. centrioles
    • used in cell division
    • animal
  20. plastids
    • contais pigment or food 
    • plant
  21. organelles
    found in the cytoplasm, this group of structures perform all of the various functions in the cell
  22. gogi appartus
    organelle that transports and processes protein and other macromolecules
  23. chloroplast
    • found only in plants, this organelle harvests the energy of sunlight 
    • plant
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