vocabulary 7-2

  1. patent
    open, clear of obstruction
  2. pin-indexing system
    a system established for portable cylinders to ensure that a regulator is not connected to a cylinder containing the wrong type of gas
  3. pneumothorax
    a partial or complete accumulation of air in the pleural space
  4. recovery position
    a side-lying position used to maintain a clear airway in unconscious patients without injuries who are breathing adequately
  5. retractions
    movements in which the skin pulls in around the ribs during inspiration
  6. sellick manuever
    a technique that is used to prevent gastric distention in which pressure is applied to the cricoid cartlidge; also referred to as cricoid pressure
  7. severe airway obstruction
    occurs when a foreign body completely obstructs the patients airway. Patients cannot breath, talk, or cough
  8. stoma
    a opening through the skin and into an organ or other structure; a stoma in the neck connects the trachea directly to the skin
  9. suction catheter
    a hollow, cylindrical device used to remove fluid from the patients airway
  10. tidal volume
    the amount of air moved in and out of the lungs in one breath
  11. tonsil tips
    large, semirigid suction tips recommended for suctioning the pharynx; also called yankaur tips
  12. ventilation
    exchange of air between the lungs and the environment, spontaneously by the patient or with assistance from another person, such as an emt-b
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