Level G Vocab: Unit 5 Antonyms and Synonyms

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  1. acuity
    s-keenness, acuteness
  2. acuity
    a-dullness, obtuseness
  3. delineate
    s-depict, picture render
  4. depraved
    s-perverted, degenerate, vicious, corrupt
  5. depraved
    a-moral, virtuous, upright, uncorrupted
  6. enervate
    s-impair, cripple, paralyze
  7. enervate
    a-invigorate, strengthen, buttress
  8. esoteric
    s-occult, cryptic, arcane, recondite
  9. esoteric
    a-accessible, comprehensible, intelligible
  10. fecund
    s-fertile, teeming, prolific
  11. fecund
    a-infertile, barren, unproductive
  12. fiat
    s-edict, dictum, ukase
  13. figment
    s-creation, invention, fancy
  14. garner
    s-collect, accumulate
  15. garner
    a-scatter, squander, waste, dissipate
  16. hallow
    s-venerate, bless
  17. hallow
    a-desecrate, defile, profane
  18. idiosyncrasy
    s-eccenricity, quirk, mannerism
  19. ignominy
    s-dishonor, humiliation, disrepute, odium
  20. ignominy
    a-honor, glory, acclaim
  21. mundane
    s-prosaic, humdrum, routine, sublunary
  22. mundane
    a-heavenly, unworldly, spiritual, transcendental
  23. nuance
    s-shade, nicety, refinement
  24. overweening
    s-arrogant, unbridled, inflated
  25. overweening
    a-restrained, understated, modest, meek
  26. penchant
    s-proclivity, propensity, predilection
  27. penchant
  28. reputed
    s-putativem, reputable, supposed
  29. reputed
    a-proven,corroborated, authenticated
  30. sophistry
    specious reasoning
  31. sumptuous
    s-lavish, munificent, opulent, splendid
  32. sumptuous
    a-skimpy, meager, stingy, niggardly, spartan
  33. ubiquitous
    s-present or existing everywhere
  34. ubiquitous
    a-restricted, limited, rare, scarce
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