1. There is an increase in international connections... reasons include:
    • More people travelling
    • Communication is fasterbecause of technology
    • Enormous growth in international trade
    • people are sharing common cultures
    • Sending aid to other countries because of hazards, wars and terrism
  2. Define Peacekeeping
    Parties in a conflict have agreed to work towards peace
  3. Peacemaking
    occurs when there has been no peace agreement and military operations may be neccesary to create peace
  4. Foreign Aid
    Financial Assistance provided to developing countries- usually from developed countries
  5. ODA
    Official Developed Association- Goverment povided foreign aid
  6. NGO
    • Non goverment organizations
    • Public raises money, volunteer time and resource for foreign aid- red cross
  7. Globalization
    Borders between countries are becoming less important as the world operates more like one unit
  8. MNC's
    Multinational Corperations Companies that operate across the entire world- walt disney- microsoft- adidas
  9. imports
    product or service that is brought into a country from another country
  10. export
    product or service produced in one country and sold to another
  11. Canada's trade is very complex but easy to understand. Who does canada trade with
    countries all over the world
  12. Our trade with the US exceeds_____ trade with all other countries
  13. imports fall into 4 categories. What are they?
    • 1. High- technology products
    • 2. Goods produced in warmer climate
    • 3. motor vehicle parts
    • 4. motor vehicles
  14. Exports fall into 3 categories, what are they?
    • 1. products from natural resources
    • 2. specialized manufactured goods
    • 3. motor vehichles
  15. Importance of exports
    • to pay for things we import
    • to keep our economy healthy
    • to lower the prices of canadian made goods for canadians
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