chapter 11 lifespan

  1. period of rapid physical maturation occurring primarily in early adolescence that involves hormonal and bodily changes
  2. the growth spurt occurs approximated ___ years earlier in ____ than for ____
    2; girls than for boys
  3. girls first menstruation
  4. associated in boys with the development of genitals, an increase in height, and a change in voice.
  5. associated with breast, uterine, and skeletal development
    estradiol (type of estrogen)
  6. in the US, children mature up to a ___ earlier then children in euro countries
  7. very early onset and rapid progression of puberty. earlier then 8 years in girls and 9 in boys
    precocious puberty
  8. an adolescents ____ identity involves activities, interests, styles of behavior, and an indication of sexual orientation
  9. by age 20, ___ percent of US youth have engaged in sexual intercourse
  10. alcohol use, early menarche, and poor parent child communication were linked to early ___ ____ behavior in girl
    sexually intimate
  11. the percentage of sexually active young adolescents is ____ in _____ income areas of inner cities
    higher in lower
  12. US adolescents use condoms less then euro kids, thus....
    the pregnancy rate is higher
  13. daughters of teenage mother are ___ percent more likely to become teenage mothers themselves
  14. adolescent mothers are more likely to come from ___ ses backgrounds
  15. given the opportunity, adolescents will sleep an average of _____ a night
    9 hours and 25 minutes
  16. most adolescents get ____ sleep then they need
  17. adolescents biological clock undergoes a shift when they get older, _____ their period of sleepiness by about __ hour.
    delaying, 1
  18. a delay in the nightly release of ____, which is produced in the brains ___ gland seems to underlie the shift in sleep
    melatonin, pineal
  19. the three leading causes of death in adolescence are
    • -accidents
    • -homicide
    • -suicide
  20. half of all deaths in adolescents are caused by _____ injuries
  21. substance and drug abuse has been on the ____
  22. when it comes to binge drinking, ____ are more likely then ___ to do it.
    males; females
  23. a recent trend has been using _____, or in other words narcotics
    pain killers
  24. parental monitoring is linked with ____ incidence of problem behavior by adolescents, which includes substance abuse
  25. having friends who do not do drugs is related to a lower level of substance use
    what a concept
  26. formal operational thought is ____. adolescents no longer are limited to _____ experiences as anchors for thought
    abstract, concrete
  27. the increased tendency to think about thought itself is an indication of
    the abstract quality of formal operational stage
  28. the heightened self consciousness of adolescents
    adolescent egocentrism
  29. involved adolescents belief that others are interested in them as they themselves are, as well as attention getting behavior motivated by a desire to be notices, visible, and "on stage"
    imaginary audience
  30. the part of adolescent egocentrism that involves an adolescents sense of uniqueness and invincibility
    personal fable
  31. adolescents often show a sense of _____ or _____
    invincibility or invulnerability.
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