1. What is the definition between rural and urban
    • rural= less than 1000 people
    • urban= more than 1000 people
  2. What is a fringe
    the transition zone between the two
  3. What are the 3 types of settlement patterns?
    • Dispersed
    • Linear
    • Concentrated
  4. Dispersed
    normally occurs when the area has a agricultural base, spread out
  5. Linear
    when population forms in a line, like on highways of coasts
  6. Concentrated
    happens when the area is formed around a resource, there is a draw to be closer
  7. What are the three distinct rural settlement patterns
    • Long lots of Southern Quebec
    • Concession systems of Southern Ontario
    • Section System of the southern praries
  8. long lots of southern quebec
    • Settled before the development of roads and railways
    • was a result of transportation by boat
    • Every farm had a relatively small frontage because they needed acces to water
  9. Cocession system of southern prairies
    • land was surveyed into blocks
    • roads were the major transportation routes
    • major settlement of ontario happen after this
    • concessions and side roads ran perpendicular from eachother
  10. what is a group of concession blocks called
    a township (greenville)
  11. what are a group of townships called?
    a county (greensville+milgrove=country)
  12. Section system of southern prairies
    • surveyed before major settlement
    • The canada us border was used as a boundary line
    • land was divide into blocks
    • each block into sections
  13. Settlement is scattered in more_____ parts of Canada
  14. This happened for two main reasons
    • Resource- based: forestry, fishing, mining, recreation, agriculture
    • Service based: people provide services to people passing through an area (hotels and resturants)
  15. What are the different kinds of Urban places
    • Manufacturin cities
    • Transportation Hubs
    • Tourists Cities
    • Goverement Centres
    • Resource- based Community
  16. What are the four main land uses
    • Residential
    • Transportation
    • Commercial
    • Indistrial
  17. What are the factors that influence residential density
    • Value of Land
    • Age of Neighboorhood
  18. What are the 5 main types of commercial land use
    • Local service
    • Neighboorhood plazas or ribbons
    • Community Shopping Centres
    • Regional Shopping Malls
    • CBD
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