RAD-128 Aseptic Technique in Imaging

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  1. what are the 3 general steps of surgical asepsis
    •Begins with cleaning the object in questions using medical asepsis.

    •Then a sterilizing process using the technique recommended for that item.

    Various applications of heat or chemical action accomplish total removal or microorganisms and spores
  2. What Skills Requires Surgical Aseptic Technique?
    • •Any medical procedure that involves penetration of the body tissues (invasive procedure)
    • •Major & minor surgeries
    • •Tracheotomy care
    • •Dressing change
    • •Catheterization of the urinary bladder
  3. what material is not allowed in the environment of the OR
    •No jewelry, long fingernails, artificial fingernails and polish
  4. what are the three zones of the OR suite
    • 1st – unrestricted, people may enter in street clothes.
    • 2nd – semi-restricted, persons who are dressed in scrub clothing, mask, and shoe covers.
    • 3rd – restricted zone, persons wearing scrubs suits, mask, cap, shoe covers and sterile applications.  Those directly involved on the operation are dressed in sterile gowns and sterile gloves and are often referred to as “being scrubbed.”
  5. how must the scrub suit be worn
    close to the body
  6. before entering the the OR when a surgical procedure is in progress, all personnel must put on what
    a surgical mask
  7. what does the surgical mask protect againsy
    This protects the patient from droplet contamination and the technologist from airborne pathogenic microorganisms that may be released during a procedure.
  8. air pressure is greater where than the outside corridors
  9. what are the most common causes of contamination
    • The use of contaminated instruments
    • Contaminated gloves
    • Wet or damp sterile field
    • Microorganisms blown onto a surgical site
  10. what personnel consists of the surgical team
    • surgeon
    • surgical asisstant
    • nurses
    • anesthesiologist
    • nurse anesthetist
    • radiologic technologist
  11. what is disinfection
    • To remove as many microorganisms as possible from a surface by physical or chemical means.
    • Articles or surfaces that cannot be sterilized in the OR or special procedure room must be disinfected.
  12. what are the physical methods of disinfecting
    explain both
    Boiling: Not very effective because many spores can resist the heat of boiling for many hours.

    Ultraviolet Irradiation: UV radiation kills microorganisms it comes in contact with. Not practical for hospital use
  13. what are the methods of sterilization
    • Steam Under Pressure
    • Chemical Sterilization
    • Ethylene
    • If the sterility of an item is questionable, it is not to be considered sterile.
  14. what are sterilization indicators
    Indicators are placed in the center and outside of each sterile package to be sterilized. When the indicator changes color, it is proof that the contents of the package have been appropriately sterilized.
  15. before opening a steril pack what must we check first
    which packs?
    • expiration date and condition of pack
    • clothe wrapped packs
    • commercial packs
    • steril forceps
  16. what are all the steps in opening a sterile pack
    Using freshly washed hands, place the pack on the table with the sealed end toward you.

    • Remove tape from cloth or outer plastic covering.
    • Open the corner away from you and back from the pack first.
    • Open all other corner with the front flap being last.
    • Do not touch contents of pack. It is considered sterile.
    • To drop sterile items on pack/tray, grasp the corners of the wrapped item and open item. Gently flip item on to sterile field being careful to not contaminated.
  17. what are sterile forceps
    • Large serrated ring device with ratchet closures.
    • Using clean hands grasp the object to be transferred with serrated ring at the end of the forceps.
    • Be careful not to contaminate the sterile end of the forceps.
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