1. How are joints classified?
    structurally and functionally
  2. What are the structurally classified joints
    • Fibrous joints
    • Cartilaginous joints
    • synovial joints
  3. Fibrous Joints
    • have no synovial cavity and the bones are held together by dense irregular connective tissue
    • ex. sutures between skull bones
  4. Cartilaginous
    no synovial cavity bones are held together by cartilage
  5. Synovial
    only one with a synovial cavity united by dense irregular tissue.
  6. Functionaly classified joints
    • Synarthrosis, imovable¬†
    • Amphiarthrosis slightly moveable
    • Diarthrosis freely movable
  7. Sutures are classified as what functional joint
  8. syndesmoses is considered to be what
  9. interosseous
  10. Cartilaginous Joints
    • synchondrosis, (synarthrosis)
    • symphysis(amphiarthroisis
  11. Synovial joints
    articular cartilage and articualr capsule
  12. Articular cartilage does what?
    covers the ends of bones to absorb shock
  13. Articular capsule
    innerlayer synovial membrane that secretes synovial fluid incapsulate the joint
  14. Bursae
    sac made synovial membrane contains fluid located where friction can occur ex, between anything and bones
  15. Functions of synovial fluid
    protect reduce friction by lubracting the joint, supplying nutrients
  16. Flexion
    decreases in angele 180-90
  17. Extension
    increases at angle of 90-180
  18. hyperextension
    bending beyond 180
  19. abduction
    movement away from imideline
  20. adduction
    movement toward the midline
  21. circumduciton
    movement in circle
  22. elevation
    movement upward
  23. depression
    movement downward
  24. protraction
    movement forward
  25. retraction
    movement backward
  26. inversion
    moves soles medially
  27. eversion
    moves soles laterally
  28. dorsiflexion
    bend foot toward
  29. plantar flexion
    bend foot plantar stand on tippy toes
  30. supination
    movement of forarm so palms are forward
  31. pronation
    movement of forarm so palms are backward
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