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  1. difference between hemidesmosomes and focal adhesions vs. tight junctions, desmosomes, adheren junctions, and gap junctions
    • Hemi and focal are cell-matrix adhesion
    • TJ, AJ, GJ, and desmosomes are cell-cell adhesion
  2. Difference between Hemi adn FA vs. AJ and desmosomes.
    • hemi and focal adhesions are made of integrins
    • desmosomes and adheren junctions are made of cadherins
  3. difference between adheren junctions and gap junctions?
    • AJs are actin filaments
    • gap junctions are intermediate filaments¬†
    • (i think desmosomes are too)
  4. Because the binding of lectins to their specific sugar ligand requires extracellular Ca2+, they are called __.
    C-type lectins
  5. What do detergents in terms of their ends?
    • the nonpolar ends of the detergent molecules associate with the nonpolar residues of hte protein tha thad previously been in contact with the fatty acid chains
    • the polar ends interact with the surrounding water molecules, keeping the protein in solution
  6. What kind of domains do selectins have?
    • lectin-like domain
    • EGF- like domain
    • structural domain, which can be repeat domains of different kinds
  7. What are the IG-like domains bound by?
    disulfide bridges
  8. What do calcium ions do in cadherins?
    are situated between the successive domains of the cadherin where they play a critical role in maintaining the rigidity of the extracellular portion of hte protein
  9. What do adherens and tight junctions do that desmosomes and gap junctions dont?
    • adherens and tight junctions encircle the cell
    • gap junctions adn desmosomes do not
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