Social Psychology

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  1. Robber's Cave Experiement
    • 2 groups of white males go to a summer camp. (before they had left experiementors make sure they were psychologically fit) They are packed on two different buses unaware of the the other groups. The two groups created in-group bonds. The boys eventually found about the other group (this created their bonds to be stronger). The boys suggested that they host competitions (this was voluntary) Boys became aggressive
    • towards outgroup
  2. Stereotypes are _____
    Prejudice are ______
    Discrimination _______
    • Cognitive
    • Affective
    • behavioral
  3. Beliefs about social groups in terms of traits that they share:
    a. stereotype
    b. Prejudice
    c. discrimination
    d. benevolent sexism
  4. The limited inclusion of a minority group creating the false appearance of inclusive practices: 
    a. hostile sexism
    b. tokenism
    c. prejudice
    d. illusory correlations
  5. Perception of a stronger association between two variables than actually exists but it really does not:
    a. hostile sexism
    b. tokenism
    c. prejudice
    d. illusory correlations
    Illusory correlation
  6. When/Who are more likely to harassment in sexual discrimination?
    • People in power
    • Men who are hyper masculine
    • power and sex connect
    • opportunities seem to be condoned
  7. View that prejudice stems from direct competition between various social groups over scarce and valued resources:
    a. Realistic conflict theory
    b. stereotyping
    c. prejudice
    d. modern racism
    Realistic conflict theory
  8. When Germany were going through hard economic times and started to blame and execute Jews this is an example of:
    a. modern racism 
    b. scapegoat
    c. stereotype
    d. hostile
  9. When contact works to decrease prejudice
    • Outgroup members hold traits and abilities challenging negative stereotypes
    • Contact supported by norms and authorities
    • Groups of equal status in contact setting
    • contact rewarding 
    • superordinate goals
  10. A research paradigm designed to reduce the effect of self-presentational motivations on attitudinal and behavioral self reports:
    a. minimal groups
    b. bogus pipeline
    c. social categorization
    d. out-group homogeneity
    bogus pipeline
  11. Accentuation ________
    Out-group homogeneity _________
    In-group Differentiation _________
    • Compare difference between social categories
    • being alike
    • Being different from people in group - you think this because you spend more time in ingroup
  12. Tendency to explain a negative outburst because of personality trait:
    a. minimal groups
    b. bogus pipeline
    c. social categorization
    d. Ultimate attribution
    Ultimate attribution
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