Psychology 1

  1. What are the four parts of piagets cognitive development
    • 1. Sensorimotor
    • 2. Preoperational
    • 3.Concret operational¬†
    • 4. Formal
  2. What is sensorimotor?
    Infants use their motor skills and senses to develop the concept of objects
  3. What is preoperational?
    Children start have the ability to pretend play
  4. What is Concrete operational?
    Children can order objects by size and can think logically
  5. What is formal operational?
    Learn to tesy hypothesis and become interested in the world
  6. What is Vygotsky's zone of proximal development?
    range is tasks that children cannot yet perform alone, they need guidance in the beginning. Like learning to read a book
  7. What is scaffolding?
    Instruction in which the amount of guidance provided to match a child's level of ability.
  8. what is Maslow's hierarchy of needs?
    We must work through our lower needs to experience the fulfillment that comes from pursing personal growth.
  9. What are the levels of maslows hierarchy of needs?
    • 1.Physiological needs
    • 2. Safety needs
    • 3.Belonging and love needs
    • 4. Esteem needs
    • 5. Self actualization
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