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  1. What are some indications for surgery (3)
    • Chronic joint swelling
    • Limited A/PROM
    • severe pain at rest
  2. What are the phases of rehabilitation during postoperative management
    • Maximum
    • Moderate
    • Minimum
  3. Please list 5 things that are done during the maximum protection phase
    • Patient education
    • DVT prevention
    • Minimize swelling
    • Prevent stiffness
    • Decrease pain
    • Prevent infection
    • Prevent stiffness and contractures
    • Minimize atrophy
    • Maintain ROM and function of joints proximal to site
    • maintain functional mobility while protecting site
  4. List the 4 things that are done during moderate protective phase
    • Patient education
    • Restore soft tissue and joint mobility
    • Establish a mobile scar
    • Strengthen muscle and improve joint stability
  5. Pleas list the four things that are done durning minimum protection phase
    • Patient education
    • Prevent re-injury
    • Restore full motion
    • Maximize muscle performance, stability,¬†Neuromuscular control
  6. Incision allows for full vision of operative field i.e joint replacement, this is known as what surgical approach
    Open procedure
  7. What is the homans sign and what is it used with
    Passive DF used to test for DVT
  8. This procedure opens a small incision with insertion of an endoscope. What is the surgical approach and give an example related to the knee
    Arthroscopic, meniscal debridement
  9. This is a scope assisted prodcedure
    Arthroscopically assisted procedure
  10. What are the types of grafts and which one is the lesser effective
    • Autograft
    • Allograft
    • Synthetic graft (least effective)
  11. What is the difference between ligament repair and reconstruction
    • Repair- approximation of tissues
    • Reconstruction- fixation or tissue graft
  12. What is a capsulorrhaphy
    Incise, overlap, and suture of the capsule
  13. What is a capsulolabral
    Reattachment of the labrum to glenoid
  14. What does electrothermal do to the capsule
    Shrinks it
  15. Give an example of tendon lengthening
    • Z lengthening or Z-plasty
    • splinting in lengthened position
  16. What is arthrodesis and when is it performed
    Surgical fusion, Performed when there is severe joint pain or instability
  17. What is a synovectomy
    Removal of synovial lining
  18. What type of joint procedure would you use for a menisectomy
    Arthroscopic debridement and lavage
  19. What is a chondrocyte transplantation
    Harvesting of healthy cartilage that is re-implanted
  20. This joint procedure uses cylindrical plugs of subchondral bone and cartilage
    Osteochondral auto/allo graft
  21. Please list two important managements for ORIF
    • Prevention of infection
    • WB per orders
  22. What it is an osteotomy
    Surgical cutting and realignment of bone
  23. What are some pre-surgery patient education concepts to cover with the patient
    • Post-op precautions
    • Bed mobility/transfers
    • Initial exercises
    • Gait training
    • Wound care
  24. What are some signs of a pulmonary embolism after surgery
    • Sudden onset of shortness of breath
    • Rapid and shallow breathing
    • Chest pain that intensifies with deep breathing or coughing
  25. What are some ways to reduce the risk of DVT or PE
    • Blood thinners
    • LE elevation
    • No prolonged periods of sitting
    • Initiate ambulation ASAP
    • Ankle pumps
    • Compression stockings
    • Pneumatic compression
  26. What is a tendon transfer
    Detach and reattach at alternate bony prominence
  27. Holes drilled into hyaline cartilage to promote scar formation is what kind of procedure
    Abrasion arthroplasty, subchondral drilling and microfracture
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