spinal tracts

  1. Function of lateral spinothalamic tract
    Pain and temperature
  2. Function of Anterior Spinothalamic Tract
    Light touch, poorly localized
  3. Function of Posterior Spinocerebellar tract
    Movement and positioning BELOW C8
  4. Function of Anterior Spinocerebellar tract
    Movement and position sense
  5. Function of Corticospinal tract
    Voluntary movement
  6. Function of Tectospinal tract
    Visual following and eye centering reflexes
  7. Function of Rubrospinal Tract
    • Alternate route than corticospinal tract
    • Control flexor muscle tone in the limbs
  8. Function of Pontine Reticulospinal tract
    • Enhances the anti-gravity reflexes of the spinal cord
    • Arousal state
  9. Function of medullary reticulospinal tract
    • Inhibition of motor activity
    • Depression of cardiac responses
    • Stimulation of inspiration
  10. Which ascending tract does not dessucate?
    Posterior spinocerebellar tract
  11. Which descending tracts don't dessucate
    Pontine and medullary reticulospinal tracts
  12. Which tract synapses on Clarke's column on L3?
    Posterior spinocerebellar tract
  13. What are the ascending tracts?
    • Lateral spinothalamic
    • Anterior spinothalamic
    • Posterior column
    • Posterior spinocerebellar
    • Anterior spinocerebellar
  14. List the descending tracts
    • Corticospinal (anterior and lateral)
    • Tectospinal
    • Rubrospinal
    • Pontine Reticulospinal
    • Medullary Reticulospinal
  15. Which tract dessucates at the medullary pyramids?
    Lateral Corticospinal Tract
  16. Which descending tract is monosynaptic?
  17. True or false: the spinothalamic tracts synapse in the thalamus
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