week 7 terms

  1. Evaluation
    The phase of the nursing process when the nurse and the client determine if the goal had been achieved
  2. Health
    A dynamic condition that enables a person to function at optimum potential at any given point in time
  3. Holism
    An approach to health that recognizes the interrelated of the physical, mental emotional, spiritual, social and environmental factors in the attainment of health
  4. Illness
    Abnormal process in which any aspect of the person's functioning is altered
  5. implementation
    the phase of the nursing process when nursing interventions, nursing actions and care are carried out with the client
  6. Incidence
    the frequency of new cases of a disease or condition in a specific population or group
  7. isolation
    limitation of movement and social contacts of patients suffering from known or unknown carrier of communicable disease in contradistinction to quarantine which limits the movements of exposed or contact persons
  8. Mortality
    number of deaths
  9. morbidity
    frequency that a disease occurs
  10. outcome criteria
    specific behaviors related to the goal that are measurable, have a time limit and be realistic
  11. problem
    a situation in which a patient is experiencing difficulty in meeting his needs, in coping etc.
  12. remission
    period in chronic illness when the disease is present but the person does not experience symptoms of the disease
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