Brady Special Features

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  1. AV Delay (short)
    • try and mimic natural shortening of PR interval as heart rate goes up
    • maintain cardiac output at high rate
    • optimize filling
  2. AV Delay (long)
    • Encourage intrinsic conduction
    • avoid unnecessary RV pacing
    • try to maintain V-V syncrone
  3. Sensing Automatic
    • measure & adjust A+V sensitivity to maintain accurate sensing
    • so you don't over pace!
  4. Output (capture)
    maximize battery life while maintaining an adequate safety margin
  5. Refractory (PVARP)
    Increase the 2:1 BLOCK point to allow atrial tracking at higher rates
  6. Refractory (PVARP +)
    Prevent PMT by tracking retrograde R waves
  7. Refractory (PVARP TERMINATION)
    Terminate PMT
  8. Rate Modifiers
    • provided normal decrease in HR at rest
    • optimize hemodynamics to encourage intrinsic rythmn
  9. Neurocardiogenic Syncope
    • prevent sudden drop in rate
    • increase rate to prevent syncope
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