Therapy Chapter 8

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  1. Define balance
    Ability to maintain equilibrium/body's center of mass over base of support.
  2. What is ankle balance strategy?
    restores COM from small disturbances with muscle activation usually proceeds in a distal to proximal sequence
  3. What is dynamic equilibrium?
    Ability to maintain body mass over the base of support while body is in motion
  4. What are the 4 related systems that control balance?
    Visual, vestibular, somatosensory and sensory organization(cognitive)
  5. What is static eqilibrium?
    Ability to maintain posture during non-movement activities
  6. How is suspension strategy achieved?
    Lowering the center of gravity(COG) by flexing knees and hip
  7. What is hip strategy balance?
    The correction to a large disturbance of center of mass, the correction is made proximal to distal
  8. Define stepping strategy?
    A large step taken to increase the BOS when COG is displaced beyond the limits.
  9. What are the Rhomberg static balance test parameters?
    Stand feet together and eyes closed for 30 seconds.
  10. What is the max score on the Tinetti Balance Test, and what are the two parts of the test?
    The max score is 28. The two parts of the test are mobility tasks with a max score of 16 and gait tasks with a max score of 12.
  11. What score on the Berg Balance test reflects a high risk of falling?
    36 out 56
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