Lab quiz 3

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  1. What are stains
    solutions consist of solven and colored molecule, Chromogen.
  2. What is a chromophore?
    the portion of the chromogen that gives chromogen its color.
  3. What is auxochrome?
    Charged portion of a chromogen

    allows chromogen to act as a dye through ionic or covalent bonds between chromogen and the cell.
  4. What are basic stains?
    Where auxochromes become positively charched.

    attracted to the negative charges on the surface of most bacterial cells
  5. What does heat-fixing do?
    kills the bacteria and makes them adhere to the side and coagulates cytoplasmic proteins to make them more visible. 

    Distorts the cell to some extent.
  6. What do Differential and structural (Gram stains) allow microbiologist to detect?
    differences between parts of the same organism

    deetermince cell size, morphology, and arraignment.
  7. What are the steps to gram staining?
    • Primary stain (crystal violet)
    • Iodine added as mordant, enhance crystal violet (forms crystal violate-iodine complex.
    • Decolorization
    • gp not decolorized by acetone
    • gn decolorized
    • gn decolorized by counterstain safranin.
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