Ecology Chp.3 (3)

  1. Contains numerous ecosystems
    • Aquatic life zones 
    • Freshwater life zones and ocean or marine life zones (solutions)
  2. What are 3 interconnected sustain life on earth?
    • 1) 1 way flow of high quality energy 
    • 2) Cycling of matter and nutrients
    • 3) Gravity
  3. Describe what happens to solar energy as it flows to and from earth.
    The stratosphere absorbs about 95% of the suns radiation, most of the energy is reflected by cloudy back into space, UV, infrared energy, atmosphere lights that reaches 1% of the earth warms and evaporate water to form a cycle, 1% generate wind, plants, algea, bacteria use .1%
  4. Why is the natural greenhouse effect important for life on earth?
    Without this effect, the earth would be nearly as cold as Mars.
  5. Heat buildup in the troposphere caused by the presence of certain gases
    Natural greenhouse effect
  6. Nonliving components 
    • Abiotic 
    • Water and Air
  7. Living and once living biological components
    • Biotic 
    • Plants and Animals
  8. Each population in an ecosystem has a range to variations in its physical and chemical environment 
    • Range of Tolerance
    • Temp.
  9. A variety of abiotic factors can affect the number of organisms in a population 
    • Limiting factor
    • Lack of water
  10. Too much or too little of any abiotic factor can limit or prevent growth of a population, even it all other factors are at or near the optimal range of tolerance.
    Limiting factor principle
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