Plant Sexual organs(CH.2)

  1. are flowers needed for continuation of a species?
    False. an use veggie parts (ex.strawberry runners)
  2. Flower types
    • Bisexual/perfect-Flower with both male/female parts
    • Monoecious-have male and female blooms on one plant. ex.cucumber,sweet corn
    • Dioecious-have one male or female on a plant and need another plant ex holly,date palm
  3. Steril flowers
    • have double set of petals¬†
    • caused by mutation in which sexual parts developed into petals.
  4. three main parts of a pistil or carpel
    • Stigma-the top
    • Stigma-thin vertical shaft
    • ovary-bulb like base(inside ovules develop into seeds)
  5. flower structure made up of
    • Central Female structure
    • pistil
    • surrounding male parts called stamen
    • Nonreproductive parts called perianth
  6. stamens are composed of
    • anther at the top which produces pollen
    • ¬†sporting stock called the filament
  7. beneath reproduction parts are the petals and the sepals(We flake based beneath the pedals) under this is the...
    receptacle- and large base where the flower rests
  8. colored petals do two things
    • attract insects was transferred pollen and shield the pistol and stamens from the weather
    • sepals for covering of the developing flower bud.
  9. flower clusters or inflorescences are named by...
    the bases on the positioning of the blooms
  10. primary difference between fruits(enlarged ovaries is)
    fleshy or dry
  11. fleshy fruits are
    • have lots of water
    • ex plums strawberries,cucumbers squash
  12. dry fruits include
    pecans,sunflowers,contain very little water
  13. Dehiscent
    whether the fruit splits during maturity releasing the seed
  14. indehiscent
    when the fruit does not split during maturity ex pods like beans or peas
  15. fruits classified by position
    • drupe fruit- fleshy exterior and a single seed encased in hard covering
    • pome fruits- mature with multiple seed ovary ex apples
    • berry- have one more seeds soft fleshy covering examples great, tomatoes,
  16. achenes fruits
    see born outside the juicy part example strawberry, Dandelion
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